Hank Williams Jr. Loses Daughter, 27, In A Car Crash

Hank Williams Jr. Loses Daughter, 27, In A Car Crash

On Saturday night, country music star, Hank Williams Jr, lost his daughter, Katherine Williams-Dunning, who passed away in a fatal car crash at only 27.

"Williams-Dunning was driving a 2007 Chevy Tahoe southbound on a highway while towing a boat in Henry County, Tennessee," said Wes Moster, the state's Department of Safety and Homeland Security Communications Director, in an email to CBS News. Williams-Dunning's husband, 29-year-old Tyler Dunning, was a passenger in the vehicle.

Their car then crossed the highway median and began to roll over, crossing the northbound lanes, until it came to a stop at the shoulder of the road.

Dunning was flown to an emergency room by air, but authorities did not provide his condition. His wife was listed fatally injured.

"The investigation into this crash is still ongoing," authorities said.

Williams-Dunning's older sister, singer Holly Williams, grieving her sister's death, wrote an Instagram post on Sunday:

"I have no words. On Friday morning, I talked the family into taking this picture and had no idea it would be our last together with my precious little sister Katie. We all went to my great aunt's funeral on Thursday, whom we all loved dearly, and now we are faced with another one," She wrote, "ALL we need is prayers."

Celebrities, including actors Reese Witherspoon and Lily Aldridge, commented on her post. "I'm so so sorry. Praying for your family," Witherspoon wrote, extending her condolences to Williams-Dunning's family.

Country singer Sam Williams (Katherine's brother), asked his social media followers to pray for Katherine's soul.

He wrote, "My sister and brother in law have been In a terrible accident. Please pray for them so hard! Katie Williams and Tyler Dunning. NEED EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS TO PRAY FOR KATIE WILLIAMS RIGHT NOW. AND TYLER DUNNING !!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!"

Katherine was seriously injured in this crash and was pronounced dead on the scene. Her husband is now recovering at Vanderbilt and the extent of his injuries is not known yet.

Among the five children of Williams Jr, Williams-Dunning was the second youngest one. She didn't pursue a career in music, unlike her father and her siblings. Katherine, instead, ran her own business, a graphic T-shirt company called Weston Jane, which targets women, especially moms, and celebrates them.

Katherine's father, Hank Williams Jr. is the son of the American singer-songwriter Hank Williams. People call him the "Hillbilly Shakespeare," and many believe Hank to be the first megastar in country music.

In October 2015, Katherine and Tyler Dunning got married, and her husband preferred to stay out of the spotlight. Katherine, however, had a large number of Instagram followers, and she always shared photos of the couple's two children, Beau and Audrey, who are 2 and 5. In fact, she also appeared in the 7th season of Say Yes to the Dress.