Handling The Emotions Of A Break Up

Handling The Emotions Of A Break Up

Breakups are hell. If you truly loved someone and were sure you had found 'the one,' your world can turn into an endless ocean of pain after a breakup.

Even If The Breakup Was The Best Option You Had, It Can Hit You Hard

And don't think the length of time you spent together really matters. The intensity of your feelings for each other matters the most.

All the good feelings you had about your partner and the relationship turn into bad feelings, and they seem more intense.

So, how do you wade through this period of emotional instability without losing it?

Better yet, how can you handle your issues in a way that gives you a chance to get back together?

I am not recommending you make that your end goal. But it's important to go about your breakup in a way that ensures the happiest outcome for you, whatever it is.

You probably blame yourself for the breakup. It's okay. It happens. But you have to let go of the feelings of guilt.

Accept The Way Things Are, Because There's Not Much You Can Do About It

But by all means, apologize if you know what you did wrong. However, before you do, let things settle for a while.

However, an apology should clear your conscience.

Be ready for surprises. For instance, you might feel relieved, despite the anguish you experience over the breakup.

Don't be surprised by this, it happens.

Remember There Is A Reason You Broke Up

People don't break up because things were going so well. People let the issues pile until they cannot take it anymore.

Then, just like that, the breakup happens. Breakups are scary sometimes because you might not know the reason they happen.

You probably got angry at each other and ended up apart. So, forgive where forgiveness is due. Forgive even yourself. This will keep your emotions in check.

Letting anger rule you will cloud your judgment, and it erodes the respect people have for you. Anger also creates pain and bitterness in you, which is to be avoided.

You Will Feel Sad After A Breakup

If you cry, know that it's normal. But don't let the sadness turn into depression.

In case things get out of hand, get a professional to help. For instance, you might feel like hurting yourself.

You might feel purposeless in life and find no reason to get out of bed or have a social life. That is a perfect time to get someone to help.

There is no easy way to get over a heartbreak. Negative emotions will come, and you have to get through them to be happy and find joy in future relationships. But try to learn something from each breakup so you can live more happily afterwards.