Halloween's Bone-chilling Villain Michael Myers Is "Homophobic" In A New Film

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Halloween Kills is the latest from the Halloween franchise, one of the longest-lasting in cinema history.

Legendary on-screen killer Michael Myers is not really back since the story continues right where it ended in the previous movie from 2018.

Myers is trapped in protagonist Laurie Strode's burning house. But the psychotic serial killer homophobic in his new film?

Some people claim so, and here's why.

Michael Myers Devours A Gay Couple

The movie received primarily negative criticism due to slaughtering and silly decision-making, but it is not like other, similar movies ever get praised.

However, it is an enjoyable slasher, especially with Halloween right around the corner. As some people pointed out on Twitter, Michael Myers is COVID.

He seems to be everywhere, and the non-believers are the first ones to go. One thing stood out, however - killing a gay couple.

In his childhood home, the killer finds two men named Big John and Little John, and as you guessed, the two are an item.

Of course, Michael kills them, making him homophobic.

But, it is what a serial killer does, and we are not sure how we feel about this statement. It's not like Myers cares about his victim's nationality, sexuality, or anything else, as long as the body count grows.

Comparing Halloween Kills To New Chucky

Fans also drew comparisons between the treatment of the gay community in Halloween Kills and the new Chucky series.

The show features a scene in which Chucky shows his acceptance for his genderfluid, queer child.

Evil Chucky has a new owner, and he complained to him that he has a queer child. The kid, Jake, asked him if he had issues with it, and he said:

"I'm not a monster, Jake."

We beg to differ, but despite Myers killing a gay couple, all this brings us one step closer to getting mainstream movies and series more inclusive and accepting of more than straight, white people. That cannot be bad, right?

The movie is already a hit among fans, and we certainly won't miss it since the Halloween franchise is part of the Halloween tradition.