"Halloween Ends" Reveals The First Image Of The New Lead Trio

Halloween Ends First Image Reveals New Lead Trio

Halloween Ends will have a new trio in the lead roles in a new promotional image. The upcoming film will continue where 2021's Halloween Kills left off when it debuts in October this year.

During a showdown, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) will face Michael Myers, a masked serial killer. Halloween Ends is now in production, and it is the current installment in the ongoing Halloween trilogy, but technically, this will be the fourth film in the continuity.


The new image surfaces as more details regarding the film continue to emerge. The image clearly shows the leading heroines in the upcoming movie: Laurie Strode, Lindsey Wallace, and Allyson.

The trio is gathered at Haddonfield bar, and it seems they are reflecting on the rampages Michael has been causing. They also appear to be planning their next movie as part of a plan to attack him.


It also appears that Lindsey has a bigger role this time around.

This is a promotional image and not a shot from the movie itself. This is just like they did with the 2018 Halloween, which featured Curtis wearing a costume in the original film.

Otherwise, it is not easy to understand the specific details of the film from the image. Due to the promotional image, people can't help but wonder what will occur one, some, or all the three women during the course of the film.


Halloween has done a pretty good job of ensuring continuity is preserved. The films have genuinely honored the legacy started by John Carpenter's original film, Halloween, in 1978.

Both Halloween and Halloween Kills feature Michael Myers and will also be directed by David Gordon Green. Myer's killing spree leaves dozens of people dead, including Tommy Wallace and Laurie Strode's daughter.


Halloween Ends will be following the characters after a period of four years.

Fans will get to see Laurie, Allyson, and Lindsay handle the chaos that came in 2018 after Michael Myer's latest escape.

Based on Halloween Kills, it is clear that a fan-favorite or legacy character can die off at any time. The violent attacks of Tommy Wallace and Karen have at least proven that much.


Otherwise, it is pretty apparent that the three women depicted in the image are ready for war and don't seem like they will back down when they get into a battle with Michael Myers. What's not guaranteed is whether they will make it out of the fight alive.

Fans will finally understand the truth on October 14, 2022, when Halloween Kills will finally be released.