Hairdresser Helps Women Embrace Gray Hair Instead Of Covering It And They Look Incredible

Several years back, a lady visited Jack Martin's salon located in Tustin, California, and expressed her displeasure with coloring her hair. She had been doing it frequently, at least once every month, to mask her gray hair, but had grown weary of it. She had other important aspects of life to focus on, and managing her hair wasn't one of them. Martin was inspired by this appointment to assist women in accepting their gray hair, resulting in remarkable makeovers.

1. It Takes So Much Less Upkeep

According to Martin, women who choose to embrace their natural gray hair are relieved of the need to frequently bleach their roots or conceal their "real" hair color with dyes every four to six weeks. Instead, they only need to visit the salon every few months. "My clients with natural gray hair come two or three times a year, instead of every few weeks," he shared with Allure.

2. The Transformation Takes A Long Time

During a single 10-hour session, Martin has a tendency to transform his clients' hair from dull to fabulous. He begins by utilizing a color extractor to eliminate any remaining artificial dye. Following that, he bleaches the entire head of hair, while leaving the natural gray roots untouched, to prepare it for the full silver hue. The final outcome is an exquisite head of gray hair that anyone would be proud to showcase.

3. He Works With Women's Natural Hair Color

Martin recognizes that not all shades of gray and silver are identical, and he takes this into account by selecting a new color based on each woman's natural gray pattern. This is easier to analyze when women arrive with several inches of natural gray root growth.

"Some clients have salt and pepper mostly in the front, and the back is darker, so I match that and add some dark to it," he explained.

4. With Hair Like This, Who Cares About Covering Grays?

The notion that gray hair is associated with age or lack of beauty is absurd, and Jack Martin is gradually persuading more women to recognize this fact. I am even contemplating scheduling an appointment with him for myself in a few years!