Guys Who Have Their Shit Together Are Hot

Guys Who Have Their Shit Together Are Hot

Face it. In your youth and naivete, you once loved bad boys. Bad boys with their hang-dog look and cigarette in the mouth wouldn't give you the light of day. Usually, they are astride their bikes, speeding on highways and leaving a trail of exhaust smoke. Girls in their pleated skirts swooned. Cheerleaders were intrigued.

Fast-forward to college and eyeing for a career, women are more likely to have given up that chase and the allure of hooking up with that leather-jacketed Romeo on his bike. Women in their 30's are more likely to settle with a man who has his shit together. While bad boy Romeo is still in the throes and pleasures of youth, Juliet is hobnobbing now with men and their stock options and blue-chip portfolios.

What Makes Bad Boys Sexy

The thrill and novelty of the world appeal to young people. Bad boys probably idolized strong silent cowboys and slick, big men on their bikes. Bad boys fancied a forbidden smoke and a secret roll in the hay. Usually good-looking with a flair for mystery and adventure, bad boys leave a trail of broken hearts and women who become disillusioned with love.

Young girls with sheltered upbringing appear staid on the surface. However, they are brewing with strong curiosity and the intense desire to be liked by their peers. Mystery and adventure appeal to them. They want to explore the world and share what it has to offer them for kicks. Falling in love with a bad boy is expected and peer-approved.

Guys Who Have Their Shit Together Are Sexier

Years pass. The flames of youth have now fanned out. Girls become women. Women face reality. Mature women find their younger selves amusing and rather foolish, especially in love. Their ardor for bad boys has lost its steam. They know now the value of having a mature man they can rely on. Instead of the thrill of partying, drinking, and mindless hookups, women are looking now to elevate their careers and settle with a good partner or mate.

Women appreciate quiet dinners at home and spending time with loved ones and close friends. Their idea of fun now has transitioned to maximizing their potentials at work and raising a family. Maybe they sometimes wonder about their bad boyfriends, but that's how far these affairs go.

Along with the naivete of youth, bad boys' persona tends to diminish in appeal and value to mature women. Instead of earning a speeding ticket from a fun ride on the road, women find romantic and become starry-eyed at a man who has his shit together, is a good provider, and supports her life, family, and career.