Guys Reveal The Best Thing A Woman Has Ever Done In Bed

Guys Reveal The Best Thing A Woman Has Ever Done In Bed

All guys like boobs, butts, and Bj's right? Or do they want more freaky stuff? How can a girl really tell? We decided to help you ladies out by asking a bunch of men what is the best thing a woman has done in bed! Some of these answers may shock you, but according to guys, this is what they like the best!

1. " Bj's are the best. I like it when a girl gets into it." — Christopher, age 19

2. "She used Chocolate and whipped cream." — David, age 26

3. " She wasn't afraid to try anything. Totally let me have control." —Matthew, age 29

4. "Backscratching was the best." —Elliot, 21

5. "Sexy faces in bed."— Charles, age 20

6. " Direct eye contact is the best in bed."—Daniel,23

7. "She said a lot of dirty stuff during sex."—Miles, age 24

8. "Definitely 69."— Christian, age 21

9. "I loved it most when a girl role played." —Jack, age 27

10. "There's something so sexy about a woman who is confident when she's on top."— Richard, age 28

11. "I liked it when she took control and did what she wanted to do." —Steven, age 21

12. "Sex with the breasts. haha." —Phillip, age 26

13 "We had a threesome, now I just love them."—Ryan, age 25

14. "Let me bend her over the counter in the bathroom." —Andrew, age 22

15. "She Blindfolded me. The surprise was great." —Michael, age 26

16. "She danced in some sexy lingerie for me before getting me off." — Gary, age 25

17. " We did it on a park bench. I like random places." —Ben, age 20

18. "Sat on my face." —Andy, age 24

19. "She was sneaky, and we would sneak off to do it anywhere."— Jackson, age 22

20. "She told me to tell her that she was a bad girl." —Mason, 21

21. "She played with my butt. It was weird at first, but then a serious turn on." —Louis, age 26

22. "Deep throating for sure!" —Noah, age 22

23. "When a girl rides it for sure." —Zach, age 21

24. " She teased me with her tongue all over."— Kenny, age 25

25. " Woke me up pleasuring me." — Thomas, age 23