Guys, If You Want Us To Stop Putting You In The Friend Zone, Stop Putting Us In The F*ck Zone

I have heard countless guys complain about being placed in the "friend zone". Although I understand that it can be frustrating to only be viewed platonically by someone you have romantic feelings for, I believe that men cannot complain about being put in this situation if their sole intention is to pursue a sexual relationship with us.

1. We all know you want to get laid

It's no secret that men enjoy sex, and women do too. However, when it comes to determining our interest in someone, sex is not our top priority. It would be helpful if guys could avoid constantly bringing up and hinting at sex during the process of getting to know us.

2. We're looking for a guy who thinks with the head on his shoulders

While the thought of hooking up with a guy we like is enticing, many of us prioritize getting to know his personality and manners before pursuing a physical relationship. To be viewed as more than a friend, a man should exhibit gentlemanly behavior rather than being solely driven by his sexual desires.

3. You could have had a shot until you treated us like an object

Proposing a hookup before making any effort to get to know us is an instant turnoff. It's not appealing to be treated as a conquest and viewed solely as a sexual object. Instead, we want to be desired for our personality and character, not just our physical attributes.

4. We like to be made to feel special in other ways

The guys who successfully transition from friends to boyfriends are those who exhibit qualities that make them great partners. They communicate without playing games, make genuine efforts to spend time with us despite their busy schedules, and treat us with respect and dignity. It's important for men to think creatively and prioritize the important aspects of a relationship beyond just physical attraction.

5. We want a guy who shows maturity

It's incredibly attractive when a guy isn't solely focused on getting us into bed. Anyone can try to persuade a woman to sleep with them, but a mature woman desires a man who can offer more than just a physical relationship. If a man cannot provide that, he has little chance of building a meaningful connection with us.

6. There's nothing wrong with an awesome platonic friendship

What if the woman you're interested in prefers a platonic relationship for the time being? Sometimes, the best love stories begin as friendships, and even if romance doesn't develop, you can still gain a valuable friend. Rather than focusing on the negative and perpetuating the stereotype of women constantly "friend zoning" good guys, show that you're a decent person by being a supportive friend. Practice what you preach.

7. Some of us need to take it slow and steady

Not all women are interested in immediately diving into a romantic relationship. It's important to take things slowly, and we need our potential partners to respect that. The pressure of sex can accelerate a relationship beyond our comfort level. Demonstrating patience and understanding instead of solely pursuing physical intimacy is a more respectful and effective approach. Give it a try, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

8. We're over the laziness

Although there are undoubtedly good guys out there, there are also many who are apathetic about impressing women and become frustrated when they don't get dates. It's important to follow through on commitments, respond to messages in a timely manner, and take an interest in our lives. It's not overly complicated; you simply need to put in more effort.

9. We're not bad people for seeing you as friends

We don't intentionally aim to damage your egos by keeping things platonic. At times, we genuinely view you as a friend rather than a romantic partner. At the very least, we value you as a person. However, when you're solely kind to us because you desire to be intimate, it can create confusion and make us question whether our other "friends" are also only interested in us for sex.

10. We'll figure out your motives soon enough

It might take some time, but eventually, we'll realize that your kindness is only a means to an end. We can tell the distinction between a real friend and someone who's using friendship as a stepping stone. If you're interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with us, show genuine effort, but don't become angry if we opt to remain platonic.