Guys, If You Want To Keep Us, Don't Stop Putting In Effort Once You Have Us

Guys, If You Want To Keep Us, Don’t Stop Putting In Effort Once You Have Us

Every relationship has its own set of ups and downs. At the beginning of most relationships, guys will put in all the effort, but after time it seems to die down.
However, as time goes by, this so-called honeymoon phase tends to die down. The guy who would've moved heaven and earth to be with you now starts being complacent.

Men, if you want to keep your woman, never stop doing the following.

1. Always make an effort

We might not always voice our appreciation to each other, but none of your efforts go unnoticed. Whether your relationship is a few months old or clocking a decade, the efforts you make matter a lot.

Those random acts of kindness, sweetness, thoughtfulness, and keeping your woman in mind, she notices and appreciates them.

2. Adore her every chance you get

At the beginning of the relationship, you would do everything just to woo her. That feeling of adoration is one of the best feelings in a relationship.

While she understands that it is almost impossible to adore her all the time, please don't let it fizzle out of your relationship.

3. Try and not get too comfortable

After some time of knowing your woman, you'll most likely start feeling comfortable. You'll tone down on the special things you used to do for her.

If you want your relationship to last, treat it as special as you did in the first few days of the relationship. When you start getting comfortable and let the excitement die down, you make her feel like you're no longer interested. While true love lasts, the special little excitements really help make women feel loved.

4. Please don't stop dressing up

Remember the first few dates? You would go all out and nicely present yourself. You wouldn't just throw on the closest pair of jeans and the clean-ish tee.

As the relationship grows, you might stop giving a lot of attention to how you show up looking.

If you want her to see you're still interested, please continue grooming yourself appropriately.

5. Take us out and treat us

Independent women can afford to take themselves out and comfortably pay their own bills. However, the feeling is not the same when you take her out and spoil her. It doesn't have to be those expensive dates–though those wouldn't hurt either, it could be something as simple as going to the movies, or a date night.

6. Don't give up on being a gentleman

In the first few months, you would hold the door, open the car door and do all the things gentlemen do, but as time flies by, most guys show their true colors, as if all those deeds were an act.

If you want her to still feel appreciated, do the deeds you would do at the beginning to show her you're a gentleman. Let it be part of your identity, not just an act.

7. Don't let the romance die

While you may have been led to believe otherwise, women actually do love it when you're super romantic. While the definition of romance changes from one girl to another, the concept is pretty much retained.

Please, don't stop surprising her with chocolates and flowers, or whatever it is your girl considers romantic.

8. Don't slip out in the bedroom

Yes, an active sex life is important in keeping things fresh in a relationship. You need to put an effort both in and out of bed. Take some time to learn what she likes and appreciates. Then try your best to please her.

9. Be grateful

A relationship is built on many factors, gratitude included. Be grateful you have her in your life. Not because she's some awesome superhuman, but because you've found someone you could potentially share the rest of your life with.