Guys, If You Think All Women Are Crazy, You're The Real Problem


Men often label women as "crazy" while ranting about their ex-girlfriend or to justify their own bad behavior. However, there are some bachelors who take it to a toxic level and claim that all women are insane. These individuals need to reflect on their own actions and realize that they are the root of the problem.

1. Fact: Everyone Has Crazy Potential When Provoked

It's only logical to expect a reaction when you do something hurtful to someone. It's a natural defense mechanism inherent in all living beings. You wouldn't expect a sleeping lion to react warmly if you poked it, would you? It's important to use common sense in these situations.

2. If You Act Like A Jerk, Women Will React

When facing conflicts with the women you're dating, you have the choice to react maturely or foolishly, and those who label women as "crazy" typically fall into the latter category. If you disappear for days, refuse to contribute equally, or don't put effort into building a genuine relationship, you can expect to be called out for your behavior. Don't act surprised or pretend that women are inherently insane. Instead, take accountability for your actions before resorting to such a feeble excuse.

3. There's Some Clear Bitterness You Need To Sort Out

It's difficult not to assume that a man who believes all women are crazy is deeply hurt and unable to move on from past experiences. It's actually quite unfortunate. Women often heal from breakups, while men tend to suppress their feelings and label their exes as crazy. If this is your way of moving on from relationships, it's essential to confront your personal issues and stop assuming that every woman you meet is going to cause chaos in your life.

4. The Only Thing These Women Have In Common Is You

If all of your ex-girlfriends are truly the "crazy lunatics" that you claim they are, there's a high probability that you are the reason for their behavior. If you take a moment to reflect on why your past relationships didn't work out, you will likely notice a pattern that has to do with how you handle conflict. This is something that can happen to anyone.

5. If You Think All Women Are Crazy, You Aren't Mature Enough To Date At All

It's not uncommon to come across guys who post immature and disrespectful comments about women on article feeds or online dating profiles, while simultaneously complaining about their inability to find love or decent women. It's confusing and contradictory. If you're one of these guys, here's a piece of advice: take a break from dating until you can cultivate a better attitude. No one finds a man who labels all women as "crazy" attractive.

6. Just Because One Woman Screwed You Over, That Isn't An Excuse

We understand that someone may have hurt you, and that you may have had unpleasant experiences with multiple women in the past. However, this is not a valid reason to place blame on an entire gender. It's not acceptable to label all men as jerks, and the same goes for women. Every group has its share of bad apples, and it's a fact of life. Therefore, it's essential to avoid making yourself look foolish by grouping all women together into one category.

7. You're Not Fooling Anyone With Your Sob Story

It's quite common for someone to blame the demise of their relationship on their partner. This happens to both men and women. However, men who try to justify their behavior by telling stories about how and why they now believe that all women are "completely insane" are not fooling anyone. Women have their own horror stories about men from their past, but the difference is that many of us are still able to approach a new potential boyfriend with an open mind. Labeling all women as "crazy" is a clear sign of immaturity and an indication that you're not ready to date or understand women.

8. Women Are Sick Of This Crap

If you're going to make an argument about women or a particular type of woman, it's important to make it intelligently. Labeling all women as "crazy" only demonstrates how narrow-minded you are when it comes to understanding us.

9. Grow The Hell Up

It's high time for men to take responsibility for the way they consistently gaslight and label women as "crazy". Not all women are crazy, and not all men are jerks, but those who continue to use these blanket terms need to do some serious growing up. Rather than behaving like someone who's clearly bitter and jaded, it's important to face your issues and come to terms with your behavior and emotions. Take a long hard look in the mirror, and recognize that the real problem is probably you.