Guys, Here Are 12 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Appreciated And Important

The daily experiences of women involve dealing with numerous challenges, such as catcalling, unequal pay, and widespread sexism. For cisgender women, there is also the additional burden of menstrual pain, the responsibility of birth control, and the painful process of childbirth. It is undeniably more difficult to be a woman. Therefore, when you have a female partner, it is essential to treat her like royalty and provide her with the utmost care and respect.

1. Don't Be Shy About Big And Small Romantic Gestures

To make a woman feel special, there are numerous ways to show your affection. These actions, whether small or grand, are incredibly meaningful to her. You could surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or plan a romantic night out. Alternatively, you could plan a trip or throw her an unexpected birthday party with her loved ones. When you love someone deeply, these gestures come naturally, and they will bring joy to both of you.

2. Make Her The Priority In Your Life That She Deserves To Be

When you are in a committed relationship with a woman you adore, it is vital to demonstrate your love and appreciation consistently. One of the most important ways to achieve this is by dedicating time to her regularly. Ensure that she is a top priority in your life, and make time in your busy schedule for her.

3. Actually Spend The Time To Date Her Thoughtfully

Dating should not end a few months into the relationship. Instead, dating should be an ongoing and intentional process throughout the partnership's duration. From the initial stages of dating to the point where you know each other inside out, be intentional about every date. Consider locations that would be enjoyable for both of you, open doors for her, and treat every date as if it's a precious gift.

4. Don't Just Tell Her She's Beautiful, Also Tell Her All The Other Amazing Things She Is

While being called beautiful is lovely, women are so much more than just their physical appearance. They possess a multitude of exceptional qualities, including intelligence, quirkiness, cleverness, kindness, love, thoughtfulness, drive, inspiration, and compassion. Therefore, be creative when expressing your admiration for her and ensure that you acknowledge her other fantastic qualities.

5. But Also, Tell Her She's Beautiful

While it is crucial to acknowledge a woman's non-physical attributes, never forget to remind her that she is beautiful. In reality, a woman can never hear this enough. Therefore, call her many other endearing things, but also continue to remind her of her beauty.

6. Regularly Be Honest With Her In A Tactful Way

Honesty in a relationship can be complex because it doesn't always mean divulging every unfiltered thought or emotion to your partner. It's important to process your feelings first, with the help of friends or professionals, before sharing them with your partner at appropriate times. Tactful honesty involves assessing when to speak, how much to reveal, and how to express yourself effectively.

7. Be Completely Dependable

Don Miguel Ruiz's "Four Agreements" offer guidance for leading a better life, and one of these is to "be impeccable with your word." This involves showing up and following through on commitments to build trust with your partner. While no one is perfect, striving to be dependable communicates that you take the relationship seriously.

8. Take The Time To Effectively Communicate About Everything

Don't ignore communication issues in your relationship. Even if your partner needs to discuss something seemingly small, give her the space to process and be sure to listen to her. It may take practice, but striving to be the best communicator you can be is a valuable investment in your relationship.

9. Be Emotionally Available For Her And For Your Life

Being emotionally available means more than just being present - it means being able to communicate effectively and handle difficult emotions without causing harm to the relationship. This involves being in tune with your own feelings and being competent at sharing them with your partner. Working towards emotional availability is key to a healthy relationship.

10. Handle Conflict With Respect

Conflict resolution is an essential part of any healthy relationship, and being emotionally available allows you to handle disagreements sensitively and respectfully. This means avoiding name-calling and outbursts, and working towards a mutually satisfactory resolution. Remember that your partner deserves your respect, especially in the midst of conflict.

11. Have Separate Lives

While your relationship is important, it's also important to maintain your own identity and interests outside of it. Encourage your partner to have her own space, and make sure you have hobbies, friends, and a career outside of the relationship as well. This can actually strengthen the bond between you by giving each of you a chance to grow individually.

12. Brag About Her To Your Loved Ones

If you're head over heels for someone, why not shout it from the rooftops? Letting your friends and family know how much you adore your partner can be a meaningful way to strengthen your bond. Your partner will appreciate hearing that you value her and think the world of her.