Guys Are Turned On By Their Girlfriends' Farts, Science Says

Guys Are Turned On By Their Girlfriends’ Farts, Science Says

Different things can turn men on. But did you think of farting? No way, right? Well here is a crazy surprise, when at home with your partner after having a long day, researchers say that moment you feel like you want to let it out, don't be shy it might be a way to turn him on.

According to a survey conducted by, a whole 11% of men admit that the stinking smell or maybe loud farts produced by their girlfriend keeps them up and ready to go wild. Crazy right? While 3% of women also support that when their boyfriends fart around them it makes them hot.

This is a very high percentage compared to the fact that this seems impossible, but people have their own fantasies, and apparently, farting can be added to the list.

When it comes to research amazing things are discovered that are mind-blowing. Did you know it takes approximately 6.5 months for a man to be relaxed enough to fart when his lady is around, while women extend it to almost 1.3 years? That's too long, right? It seems unbelievable, and well that's why researchers do their work to reduce our doubts.

Farting is natural as long as you take in food or drinks, at the end of the day you'll have to let it out. To ladies it's a tough choice to make between I want to look hot and can I just get rid of this gas. This can make them starve when they're visiting you, or make them stay awake the whole night when they are sleeping over at your house.

Still, the strange part is not over yet. It takes men roughly 4.5 months to take a poop when their partner is around, and ladies take around 9.4 months. I think we all can agree that ladies keep surprising us! We try very hard to be sweet-smelling around our partners. That's why we go around purchasing the best Cologne/perfumes while denying ourselves one thing we can't control - Just a simple relaxation of our muscles and bodies.

We don't expect that our partners will be okay with us going to the toilet right in front of them. That's why when gassy or if having a bad stomach day, ladies may cancel coming over to your house because they are embarrassed they might turn you off or that maybe you'd think of her as a freak. Ladies you don't have to worry any longer because your man might be in the 11% of men who enjoy it.

So here's to ladies, the next time you are having a sweet nice time with your boyfriend surprise him. This doesn't mean that you pile up gassy meals and expect them to be sweet No! It's going to be disgusting. Just do it discreetly because he might not like it, but if he does then congratulations to you, you just unlocked one of your partner's fantasies. That's a double point for your relationship.