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Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His Fist

guy transports a bee colony by carrying the queen in his fist

In a shocking video, a beekeeper can be seen transporting an entire bee colony on his arm. He managed to do this by holding the queen in his fist.

You won't feel comfortable watching this shocking video. The man can be seen walking comfortably along the street with thousands of bees clinging to his naked arm.

Although the sight makes many people very uncomfortable, the man is completely unbothered and even upbeat. To many people, he is just a few steps from a painful death, but he clearly doesn't feel that way.

According to a Reddit user, "He looks like he's on his way to deliver one helluva Mortal Kombat finisher."

The undisputable badass is from the Dominican Republic. When the cameraman asks him why the bees don't sting him, he had a simple answer to give:

"They know their owner."

When asked if the bees produced any honey on him, he said no. He also added that he was going to put the bees in a box.

The cameraman, who clearly knows a thing or two about bee colonies, also asks if he has the queen in his hand since bees stay where their queen is.

The daring beekeeper answers that he has the queen in his fist.

Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His Fist

Why Would The Bees Play Along?

Many people are not sure why the man would decide to move the bees in this intense manner. Fortunately, a few people were willing to answer some of the questions people had about this shocking sight.

According to a commenter, 'bees 'swarm' when there's a new queen. Part of the previous colony breaks off to start a new hive. Although the swarms look scary as hell during these times, the bees are usually at their most docile state as their goal is to protect their queen and find a new hive.

Consequently, since the queen, in this case, is not in danger and does not feel threatened, the bees have no reason to go on defense and attack the beekeeper and anyone else in sight. Therefore, the rest of the swarm follows along without incident.

It's All About Pheromones

Somebody wanted to know: if all the bees care about is the queen's safety, how do they know that this guy is holding their queen in his hand and that he is not a threat to her?

"Why would they not sting the sh*t out of this guy as I'm sure they get that he's got hold of the queen and is taking her somewhere. Or do they view his fist as the queen's home and it just happens to be a mobile home? Also, I thought more would be flying around him rather [than] just sitting on his arm."

Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His Fist

Again, the answer to this hilarious question is simple: pheromones.

According to another commenter's reply, the bees can smell the queen through his fist. Therefore, since she is not giving off a scent that says she is threatened, they have no reason to attack.

According to research, pheromones are one of the most advanced methods of communication among social insects such as honeybees.

As long as the queen says she is secure and safe through these pheromones, the bees have no problem with her being held in some guy's fist, even if they have no idea where they are headed.

The Queen mandibular pheromone (QMP) is emitted by the queen and is the most important pheromone in a beehive. This pheromone affects social behavior, hive maintenance, swarming, and even mating behavior.

However, how this guy managed to convince the queen that she is in safe hands remains a mystery.