Guy Spends $4000 On Giant Statue To Give His Town The Middle Finger

guy spends $4000 on giant statue to give his town the middle finger

Many of us do not like where we live. However, we only chat about it or complain online. One guy took the dislike for his town to a whole new level. Ted Pekley hates his town so much that he commissioned a statue of the middle finger and had it erected on a pole so everyone he hates can see it! The project cost him a total of $4,000. Read on to discover more about this.

Ted comes from Westford; A town in Vermont. After a ten year battle with the town's approval board to get a permit to construct a new garage, Ted decided to show his frustration in the most vivid way possible. He was so angry that his regular hand couldn't do the job, so he got a statue erected instead!

His statue of the middle finger was carved out of a 700lb block of Pinewood. It was also erected on a pole that's 16 feet tall, and it's surrounded by floodlights. This makes the huge middle finger easy to view during the day and the night.

Critics wonder if Ted's actions are actually within the law. As a matter of fact, he is entitled to his freedom of speech. Therefore, his statue is perfectly legal!

His middle finger statue is directed toward the leaders of the town. Especially toward the Development Review Board and Selectboard. For a decade, Ted urged these town organizations to grant him a permit to build a garage on his property. This was so that he could transfer his repair and recycling business from Swanton town which is just nearby. The authorities dragged the process on for ten years, and Ted was very frustrated. They eventually approved it after his limitless persistence.

Ted feels that these town organizations have put him through too much trouble and stress. Therefore, he decided to commission the statue to make sure that they know what he thinks of them. To drive the point home, the statue is located right on his front lawn.

After putting up the dramatic statue, Ted received word that his carving is considered public art. Therefore, it is recognized by the contemporary society of the town. He was so happy to hear that. He proclaimed that it was the best news that he had ever received in his life!

Ted has further clarified that his statue is not directed to the neighbors or the townspeople. He directs it to the people that run the town's office. His objective is not to spread animosity and hate. However, he wants it known that the administrators are unfair and unprofessional.

Ted does not have any plans to take down the statue of his giant middle finger. Actually, he hopes that the constantly lit statue will inspire the town's administrators to turn over a new leaf. This is so that they can provide better services with care and concern for the townspeople.