Guy Sold Everything He Had, Won $270k With A Single Roulette Spin


A bloke from London once went all-in on an audacious gamble. He sold everything he had, hopped on a flight to Las Vegas, and placed his entire life savings on a nearly 50/50 roulette bet.

Here's a video showing how the whole daring act unfolded.

He chose red, in case you wanted to know.

At the time, Ashley Revell was 32 years old and decided he wanted to take a shot at something extraordinary.


For most people, taking a chance means something like applying for a new job or taking out a loan to start a business. But for Revell, it meant something entirely different.

In 2004, he liquidated all his possessions and headed for the gambling capital of the world - Las Vegas - armed with $135,300 and a bet that had just over a 50 percent chance of ending in loss.

He wagered everything on red, fully prepared to face the consequences, no matter how challenging they might be.


If luck favored him, he'd double his life savings.

But if fortune turned its back on him, he'd be left with nothing but remorse.

Even for the storied history of the Plaza Hotel and Casino, that's one bold spin of the wheel.

Revell was well-prepared, bringing an entire film crew along with him.

In a bid to boost his betting funds, Revell even agreed to change his name officially to 'Ashley Blue Square Revell,' thanks to the sponsorship of a UK-based online gambling site called – you guessed it – Blue Square.


However, he faced a few setbacks along the way. Originally, he intended to place the bet at the Hard Rock Hotel, but they declined to accept it.

Thankfully, in Las Vegas, finding someone willing to take a bet is usually not too difficult.

For Revell, the roulette wheel seemed to turn in slow motion, but the suspense transformed into sheer delight when it landed on Red 7.

That single spin turned his $135,300 into $270,600, and he had an incredible anecdote to share.


After his triumphant win, Revell used some of the money to launch an online poker website called Poker UTD. However, the venture went out of business in 2012.

The entire thrilling episode was captured in a Sky One documentary titled "Double or Nothing," and Revell's story was featured in an E! special named "THS Investigates: Vegas Winners & Losers."

Being in the 'winners' section of such shows is undoubtedly more gratifying.


Moreover, his daring move even inspired a show called "Red or Black?" created by Simon Cowell. Any guesses about the premise of that game show?

Though Revell doesn't have as much public attention these days, he will always cherish the memory of that fateful day in Las Vegas when he gambled everything and emerged victorious.