Guy Rejects Transgender Woman, Only To Date And Fall In Love With Her 2 Years Later

Guy Rejects Transgender Woman, Only To Date And Fall In Love With Her 2 Years Later

If you had met Erin Anderson two years ago, you could not believe she is the same person you see today. You see, at the time, she was a guy by the name of Aaron Anderson.

Today, she has become a beautiful 22-year-old girl. As far as girls go, she has everything going for her. Her personality is topnotch, and she oozes beauty with her captivating eyes and blond hair.

Like many other transgender people, Erin knew she was born into the body of a boy when she was clearly a girl at heart. In fact, she knew this very early on, and those close to her should hardly find her transformation surprising.

When she was only a kid, she would go through her grandma's closet and pick out clothes and shoes she could wear. Occasionally, she wore her mom's makeup.

Therefore, she had been pondering what to do about her situation for quite some time.

Eventually, she embraced life as a boy

But her feminine tendencies shone through, and even outsiders could see it. As you can imagine, she became an easy target for high school bullies.

The boys teased her for her effeminate nature, while the girls could not accept her as a girl because she was a boy. Yes, Erin was not one of them.

But her time to put this behind her and embrace her real self came one day after she had turned 18. On the web, she saw a guy by the name of Jared Norris.

She liked him. And so, sent him a message, 'Hey what's up.' But Jared was not interested, and she moved on.

This made her realize that choosing to live as a boy would be a terrible burden for her. She also thought it was too late for her to start transitioning.

But her friend set her straight by reminding her that life was too short and that any ounce of happiness she could find was worth pursuing.

So, Erin began living as a woman

She went the whole nine yards. She even started receiving hormone replacement therapy to make her more feminine.

And then the unexpected happened

After being on the therapy for seven months, she received a message on social media. It was from Jared. She sent him her number.

As fate would have it, the next day was her birthday. They celebrated it together. A week later, the two were dating, and they have been together ever since.

According to Jared, a computer science student, he fell in love as soon as he saw her transformation.

He also knew that the relationship would bring up a lot of questions, but he would not keep it under the wraps.

"I hung out with her a lot and really enjoyed it. We had a lot of things in common… despite all the haters, I wanted to go public and proudly show everyone we are dating."

This relationship was special. Erin had never been so publicly engaged with anyone. Her relationships were secretive because people were ashamed of her. So, she was glad to be in a happy and public relationship.

Yes, Jared was pretty special.

He even told his family everything.

"He told his family that I was trans and everything, he doesn't care what other people think."

They also joke about how he rejected her at first and she finally got him.

"… we laugh a lot about it." Erin says.

But that's the thing with love. You never know how it chooses its subjects. We can only marvel at its mysterious beauty and power.