Guy Creates A Funny Guide To Working Women Out Based On Their Nails, And It's Way Too Real

Guy Creates A Funny Guide To Working Women Out Based On Their Nails, And It’s Way Too Real

There are many men out there who find it very difficult to determine what a woman will be like until they have really gotten to know her. If she turns out to be a lovely person, then that's great but if she turns out to be bitchy, domineering, or downright psychotic, it's a different story. To try to get an idea of a woman's personality right from the start, men often have their own unique methods. One man has a method that is more unique than most – learning more about a woman from her nails!

The male Twitter user devised a list for other guys to use in order to help them to determine what a woman is like from the very start rather than getting to know them and then finding out. Of course, this is just based on his own assumptions and experiences, but his thoughts on women's nails and their meaning are pretty amusing. In this article, we will look at some of his advice with regards to women and nails.

Women's Nails and Their Meaning – According to a Guy

So, this Twitter user, Rocky, has developed a system that he has aptly named 'Nails at First Sight: Survival Guide 101. Of course, you have to take it with a pinch of salt, as for most women the way they do their nails is down to personal preference and the latest trend rather than their personality. But this is what the Twitter user has to say:

Color of the Nails

So, the first thing he touches upon is the color of the nails. Of course, you can get all sorts of colors for nails these days, so you will find lots of women sporting different ones for different occasions. According to Rocky, however, the women that are safest to be around are those who have light pink, grey, or neutral colors.

He goes on to say that those who have either white nails or very dark nails, as well as those with French manicures, should be treated with caution. This is because he believes that these colors are favored by women who have a dangerous streak. Worse still, according to Rocky, are those who have nails that are painted in neon colors such as electric pinks and blues, neon green, and orange. Rocky believes that these women are beyond dangerous – they are verging on psychotic!

Shape of the Nails

This guide not only touches upon the color of a woman's nails but also the shape of the nails. These days, women have their nails done in a variety of shapes and according to Rocky, this is a key indicator of what sort of woman you might be dealing with.

Fashions come and go when it comes to nail shapes for women, so you will see some more often than others. However, according to the guide, if you find yourself engaged in conversation with a woman who has stiletto nails, arrowhead shapes, and mountain peak nails, you should walk the other way. Why? Because it indicates an aggressive and violent personality.

Length of the Nails

Finally, he hasn't forgotten about the length of the nails, which is another thing that men should look at before they get too involved apparently. If the woman has regular length nails that have not been lengthened or grown but are painted, he believes that makes her a little pretentious and perhaps a little bitchy.

A woman with medium-length nails is considered to be a woman with an attitude who is not at all organized and likes to boss men around. As for women with very long nails, Rocky believes that they may be the spawn of Satan and are out to ruin the lives of unsuspecting men.

The Ultimate No-Go

So, based on this amusing guide, what have we learned? Well, it's safe to say that one of the things to pay attention to is to be very wary around women with long, stiletto nails that are painted in a bright neon color!