Gun Control: How To Protect Students From The Proliferation Of Illegal Weapons On The Internet?

gun control: how to protect students from the proliferation of illegal weapons on the internet?

The proliferation of illegal weapons in the United States is one of the highest in the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, in 2017 itself, over 39,773 deaths were reported caused by firearms. While the majority of these deaths were suicides, others were homicides. Guns-related death rates have been increasing steadily over the years in the U.S., further explaining the danger of illegal weapons. Such stats have inspired efforts at the state levels to enact gun control legislation.

Students are not far from such violence. Almost 2,900 children and teens are shot and killed every year, while over 15,600 are shot and injured. Three million students are exposed to gun shootings every year while getting their education. To learn more about such exposure to mass terrorism and weapons, one may read some free essays about gun control. Writing and reading an argumentative essay on gun control can play a pivotal role in stopping such violence from occurring. It serves as a lesson to readers and can contribute to students at the school and university level.

Circulation of firearms

The circulation of firearms is prevalent in the United States. One can easily buy one or get their hands on it through the proliferation of prohibited items through the darknet. Individuals who support gun control have advocated tighter restrictions on the sale of firearms. A study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine in 2016 showed that the U.S. has more firearm-related deaths and suicides than any other high-income country. In fact, Americans are ten times more likely to die by a firearm-related incident.

Students' Participation In Enacting Gun Control Legislation

After the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the survivors launched a student gun-control organization, Never Again. In the shootout, seventeen people were killed, and seventeen others were injured. The Never Again MSD has since lobbied for federal lawmakers to enact effective gun control legislation. The student activists have been advocating for reinvigorating gun control and renewed the debate over access to firearms.

Court Decisions Supporting Gun Control

The right to bear arms was first passed in the United States Constitution in 1791. In the year the bill was passed, each state maintained a militia made of ordinary citizens. These part-time soldiers were well regulated and were taught the basics of firearms, and were subject to period military exercises. The law required every house to possess weapons and military-age men to be ready for military emergencies.

In 1934, the first National Firearms Act was passed. It demanded the registration of assault weapons, imposed high taxes on the purchase of such machinery and restricted the ownership and sale of high-risk weapons. The 1934 bill was provided with additional regulations in 1938. In 1968, all mail-order sales of firearms and ammunition were banned. The law also prevented felons, drug users, and fugitives from owning assault weapons.

In 1994, the law prevented several weapons from being manufactured, but the ban expired in 2004 after Congress failed to replace it. There is a lack of agreement in several states in the U.S, meaning each state has its requirements during the purchase of a gun.

The Sale Of Illegal Weapons On The Dark Web

The sale of assault weapons on the dark web is small in volume, but it is a testament to the faltering gun regulation in America. Despite the many laws passed to ensure gun control, many people can bypass controls and get weapons from international borders. In the 2016 Munich Shooting, the terrorist had gotten his weapon on the dark web, cementing widespread public concern. Since then, authorities have tried to understand the illicit trade of firearms, explosives, and ammunition on the dark web. They found that 60% of the weapons found on the dark web belong to the U.S.

The dark web offers its customers a platform that enables firearms trafficking on a global scale. Its development requires law enforcement agencies to adapt intervention strategies to ensure gun control. Good policing and investigative techniques remain vital in response to the threat possessed by the dark Internet.