Gummy Worm Nails Are A Thing And I'm Not Sure They Should Be

Gummy Worm Nails Are A Thing And I’m Not Sure They Should Be

When it comes to beauty, some women are serious and meticulous about it. We even have those who swear they would never step into the street without makeup.

But I guess everyone is different.

Personally, I think beauty should also be fun, which explains my fascination with Christmas eyebrows, Christmas tree hair, and other hilarious beauty trends.

But even I have my limits, and I believe the ongoing gummy worm nails are a perfect example of where I draw the line.

I believe in giving credit where it's due. So, I admit that the idea is pretty brilliant.

But more importantly, I have some concerns. For example:

1. What Of Hygiene?

Come on, people! Gummy worms are food, whether or not they look good on nails. How do you feel with food on your fingers? Not very hygienic, right?

So, while gummy worm nails can keep you flaunting this unique look for a decent amount of time, I don't think it's a very hygienic beauty trend.

I get that they are probably not meant to be worn for long periods of time. But still, I feel hygiene is a serious issue here. Right?

2. How About Painting Gummy Worms On Nails?

I get that the gummy worm look offers plenty of appeal for many fashion-forward women and girls out there.

But why not paint the nails to look like gummy worms instead? We have come a long way and 3D nails with astonishingly surreal appearance are now a possibility. This makes using actual gummy worms seem quite absurd to me.

3. Are They Even Practical?

I know the beauty industry is not swayed by practicality, as evidenced by several ridiculous trends over the years that have left many shaking their heads. That said, I believe it is important to consider how practical a fashion choice is before getting behind it.

In the case of gummy worm nails, I wonder how you can use your phone or even a computer with these things on. How about using the bathroom? All I see is the possibility of these nails getting in your way all day long.

4. It's Pretty Brilliant Actually

All things said, gummy worm nails are a brilliant idea and kudos to the LA salon that pioneered this movement. They thought out of the box and created something brilliant and people love it.

If you think you will catch me with the gummy worm nails, you might have to wait a long time. While I accept the brilliance of this beauty trend, the practical and hygiene issues they pose make it challenging for me to get behind the idea. But don't let me hold you back. If you feel the look might get you through, by all means, give it a try.