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Gucci Osteria's Massimo Bottura Is Offering Free Virtual Cooking Classes On Instagram

gucci osteria’s massimo bottura is offering free virtual cooking classes on instagram

One of the most popular culinary experts in the world, Massimo Bottura, is now the face behind Gucci's new Italian restaurant. Also, he is one of the few great things to happen during the quarantine.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Massimo is just what we need to get through the numbing lockdowns amidst the devastation we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to his newfound Instagram-based pastime.


Sure, some people are already comfortable ordering food deliveries, but for those who know their way around the kitchen, there has never been a better time to learn a few more culinary skills.

With Massimo's free virtual cooking classes on his Instagram account, it's time to master a few more cooking skills.


Don't worry, the classes are in English. So, you don't need to work on basic Italian to follow what the master chef is trying to explain to his followers.

Believe it or not, Massimo is offering the classes from the comfort of his own home. That goes to show even the rich and famous are holed up at home with their families just like the rest of us ordinary mortals.

You will like the vibe this star-quality cooking class has in store for you. During the lessons, you will enjoy the warming charm of seeing his wife, children, dog, and novelty utensils.


Heck, you can also wait for him to finish cooking for a chance to see him enjoy the meal with his family.

It's Not A Cooking Show

Just to give you a hint of how much you have missed already, the influence behind Gucci Osteria and Modena in L.A. and Francescana Osteria in Italy has taught his fans how to prepare tortellini in a thick parmesan sauce, veggie-packed Thai curry, New York-inspired pasta, and salad.


There is no telling what the famous chef will teach us next. He likes to surprise his fans by waiting until 8 pm CET before revealing what he'll be making next.

Surprisingly, the man insists that this is no cooking show. So, what is it then?

To Massimo, this is "just a way to share with people from all over the world… we just want to be part of the world."

In other words, he is doing this as a way to stay connected to the rest of the world. How touching and poetic!


He has also shared some important tips already. For instance, he has advised his fans to limit food waste by trying to use every byproduct available.

Massimo has also shared a tip that might sound especially familiar during this pandemic season: "always, always" wash your hands and wash them properly.

To get you up to speed with his cooking lessons, here is the first Kitchen Quarantine episode.


If you want more of what the chef has already posted and don't want to miss on what he will post next, your best bet is to follow him on Instagram. What could be more exciting than watching this legend's videos live on Instagram?