Group Of Dads Tackle Sex Offender Who Was Peeping At A Teen In A Cracker Barrel Bathroom

group of dads tackle sex offender who was peeping at a teen in a cracker barrel bathroom

A 15-year-old told her dad about a peculiar man poking his head through the bottom of her bathroom stall, and obviously, he was not amused. The father, along with a couple of other dads, were furious and decided to teach the creepy middle-aged peeping tom a lesson.

group of dads tackle sex offender who was peeping at a teen in a cracker barrel bathroom

Douglas Lane wanted to ogle at the teen, but as soon as she realized it, she quickly went and informed her dad. She had left him sitting at a table at a South Carolina Cracker Barrel.

The girl's father caught up with the man and held him with the help of other dads. Luckily, and he is now convicted as a sex offender.

This bizarre incident took place in the town of Duncan, at a Cracker Barrel franchise located along Main Street.

The girl was visiting the town for a softball tournament.

Other Girls Also Traumatized By The Incident

As she was using the bathroom, she noticed something peculiar near her feet. It was then that she noticed a man was staring up at her.

Once her dad heard of the incident, he asked a female employee to get the man out of the bathroom.

Considering that this man's daughter was not the only girl in the bathroom, it was somewhat apparent that this man had been doing this to other girls as well.

According to a statement given by a witness, the girls were shaken by the incident:

"I'll never forget the way they looked after. They were traumatized."

Afterwards, the 53-year-old man was identified as Douglas Lane. He comes from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Once he discovered that his dirty secret was out there in the open, he tried to make a run for it. However, he met with the girl's father at the bathroom door, and the encounter resulted in the man suffering a bloody nose.

According to a witness, this is what happened:

"The guy came running, sprinting out the front door with a very bloody nose."

Other witnesses also saw the incident. One of them recounted how everyone responded:

"Everyone was yelling, 'Get him! Get him! Don't let him get away."

Then another man, who helped restrain the peeping tom said:

"I'm gonna tell you, if that were my daughter, you wouldn't walk away."

Other Dads Came To Help Restrain Him

Once the girl's father had identified the man, several other dads came to help him tackle him to the ground. During the scuffle, the man suffered some injuries as the man was restrained outside the restaurant.

In fact, before he made it outside the restaurant, he had already suffered two punches.

Luckily for him, the men wanted him to have more than a few painful blows. They waited until the police came for him.

The police then revealed that Douglas Lane was actually a registered sex offender in North Carolina. He got into the government's bad books back in 2004.

group of dads tackle sex offender who was peeping at a teen in a cracker barrel bathroom

Even at the time, the same behavior had earned him an infamous reputation. He had been caught peeking into an occupied restroom.

His victims at the time were eight and nine. Unfortunately, he never learned his lesson because four years later, he faced the same charges.

Other crimes the man was guilty of included peeping, voyeurism, and aggravated voyeurism. He was actually found guilty of these crimes back in 1997.

Therefore, the man has been doing this for quite some time.

During his latest stint, he was also in possession of marijuana, which was probably not his biggest problem at the time he was arrested.

After he was taken to court, he got a $2,000 surety bond as well as enforced GPS monitoring. More court appearances await the man.

Without a doubt, Douglas Lane has not learned his lesson. Despite being caught on multiple occasions sexually assaulting young girls, he shows no signs of changing his behavior.