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Groom Throws Wedding Cake At His Bride's Head & People Are Calling For A Divorce

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The couple's wedding day went viral after the groom smashed almost a whole three-tier cake at his bride's head.

Traditionally, the bride and groom tease each other with cake's frosting, but this groom took things to another level, and people online are urging the bride to divorce him.

Viral video of the wedding was uploaded on January 8

The video was uploaded by Kelsey Carson, the bride, to make matters stranger. It was posted in mid-January and has been seen nearly three million times so far.

Kelsey and her groom Tony are both from Kingston, Tennessee. They decided to participate in a traditional cake smash, but her groom made things more memorable without Kelsey's knowledge.

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The bride was the first to take a tiny piece of cake and smudge it over Tony's face. The groom shocked the bride and guests with his chunk, which was almost the whole cake.

Both Kelsey and Tony seemingly laughed at his risque move, despite their wedding cake landing on the floor and the bride.

Tik Tok saw it the other way

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Many TikTokers did not see the humor in the groom's actions. Instead, they flooded the video with comments like:


Another person wrote:

"That's not only aggressive but so embarrassing??" someone else chimed in. "If he's comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and fam ... scary."

And some saw it as a red flag:

"Ohhhh H----L NO!!! Major RED FLAG."

The war between commentators beemed

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Unlike many, who saw nothing but red flags, others were more annoyed by the comments than the groom's actions.

One TikToker called for people to rethink their relationship statuses:

"Apparently, everyone on here is a therapist now, just because y'all are single and mad doesn't mean you have to come for her and her marriage."

Another pointed out:

"Guys, he was cracking up at the end he wasn't even mad."

The third added:

"Wow, y'all shouldn't ever get into a relationship if you are this sensitive."

The bride did not make a follow-up video but left a simple comment:

"A CAKE never hurt anyone."

Perhaps this couple merely has a weird sense of humor. What do you think? Are you team red flags or team let them be?