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Groom Refuses Bride's Awkward Family Tradition Of Spending The Night With Her Mom

Imagine preparing for your dream wedding, everything feeling like a fairy tale. But just before the big day, you discover a strange family custom that leaves you questioning everything. That's exactly what happened to this man when he found out, just weeks before the wedding, that it was his fiancée's family tradition for the groom to spend the night with his future mother-in-law as part of a special date night in a hotel.

Marriage is a special tradition that symbolizes the union of two families. While the focus is on the bride and groom, it's also about bringing two families together. It's important to remember that different families have their own unique wedding traditions that are meaningful to them.

When it comes to family wedding traditions, we often say, "to each their own." After all, how people choose to celebrate their happiness is their personal choice, right?

Now that we're delving into the realm of family wedding traditions, I'm certain many of you have witnessed your fair share of peculiar and cringe-inducing customs. However, the one highlighted by an unidentified Reddit user takes the cake in terms of sheer creepiness. After perusing the post, one can't help but ponder over the twisted mind that concocted such a bizarre tradition.

Just recently, a fellow Redditor took to the AITA subreddit to share a rather unusual family tradition involving his fiancée. It seems that in their family, it's customary for the groom to partake in a special date night with his future mother-in-law prior to the wedding. What's even more surprising is that this date night entails spending an entire night with the mother-in-law at a hotel.

Evidently, this peculiar family tradition has been in place for generations, serving as a sort of "marriage initiation" ritual. Understandably spooked and somewhat bewildered, the original poster (OP) revealed that he firmly declined to partake in this tradition. As a result, his fiancée became quite upset, expressing disappointment that he would reject what she considers to be a joyous and enjoyable tradition.

Seeking guidance, the individual now turns to Reddit, posing the question of whether or not he is the one in the wrong in this situation.

Internet Labeled OP NTA

Reddit's response to this situation mirrored the bewilderment and astonishment felt by the original poster. After all, who in their right mind would subject the groom to such a peculiar and unconventional test?

The Reddit community assured the original poster that he was by no means the antagonist in this narrative. They affirmed that his decision to decline an activity that clearly made him uncomfortable was entirely justified.

Some people pointed out what will happen in the future if the OP and his wife will have daughters?

As this user pointed out, "[Has] anyone stopped to think that if they have a daughter, when daughter decides to marry, OPs wife would consider sleeping with her future [son-in-law]?"

Someone else actually posed this interesting query: "If they have a son does the FIL get to sleep with the bride? Does OP's father want to sleep with his wife ?"

However, the man has since clarified that this particular tradition is exclusively limited to mother-in-laws and son-in-laws. It seems that the father-in-law's involvement or any reciprocal arrangement with the bride is not part of this peculiar custom.

Few people shared that they found this tradition sweet

"I think the idea of taking your future mother-in-law on a little dinner date before the wedding is a cute idea," this person wrote. "Like a bonding experience for the two of you. The hotel part seems to just take it over the edge from cute to hella weird."

OP had clarified that his fiancee's family is Roma to which someone pointed out that they have got it all wrong

"I'm Roma and I can tell you this isn't normal and it's hella weird," this person revealed. "Does not happen. It's not a culture thing — it's a their family thing."

That same person later added, "Bride price you hear of. Arranged marriages you hear of. There's even silly traditions like paying the bride to dance with her during her wedding. But nothing like this."