Grimes Drops Breakup Song About Elon Musk

Grimes Drops Breakup Song About Elon Musk

Player of Games, a song by Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend Grimes, seems to be talking about her breakup with the eccentric billionaire. People have made this conclusion after hearing the lyrics behind the music.

Grimes says in the song that if she loved him any less, she would make him stay. However, the fact that he has to be the best player of games got in the way.

In the song, Grimes seems to be talking about having broken up with her wealthy boyfriend. Even if this conclusion might seem a little far-fetched, subsequent lyrics confirmed that Elon Musk is referenced in the song.

She sang that love could not keep him in his place and then asked him to sail into space.

Clearly, she was talking about Musk's SpaceX project.

It is pretty evident that Elon Musk is a pretty busy man. He has confirmed this himself, which makes the song's lyrics so much closer to the truth about the couple.

The singer gave a teaser for the song back in July, months before the two parted ways in September. Apparently, their relationship was slowly breaking down before they officially broke up.

The couple had been together for three years and had a child, X Æ A-Xii, born in May 2020. Musk and Grimes will continue to co-parent their child after their breakup.

It seems like Grimes had another unusual reaction to the breakup as well. On TikTok, she has been more active than usual.

In particular, she has been quite outspoken about radical wealth distribution and communism. However, reception to her videos has been mixed.

The song may not have targeted Musk specifically, but it's clear that lyrics were at least intended to create that impression.

Therefore, it's not clear how people should take the lyrics to this song.

According to some, the song addresses that Elon Musk is an ever-busy man who never has time to spend with his family. The song lyrics are more literal to others, and they highlight that the billionaire loves playing his video games.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that this song offers some insightful truths about the relationship Grimes had with Elon Musk.

After all, this wouldn't be the first time an artist has used music to channel their frustrations about a failed relationship. Taylor Swift had done it a couple of times, and Adele gave us 30, which goes into detail about the breakdown of her marriage and the relationship she now shares with her son.

Meanwhile, though the year is ending, we still have enough time to get a breakup song from Camila Cabello to respond to the breakup song by Shawn Mendes.