Grieving Man Sees Wife And Son Two Years After Funeral - A Short Story

Gerry resided in a little town where he had been wedded to his adoring wife, Samantha. They were each other's childhood sweethearts and dated throughout the majority of high school. Roughly two years after tying the knot, Samantha informed Gerry that she was expecting a baby. Gerry was ecstatic with joy, and the two promptly began selecting names.

An Uneasy Pregnancy

Samantha's pregnancy posed some challenges. She battled fatigue and severe morning sickness, which lingered into the afternoon before gradually easing up. These symptoms made her irritable, not to mention the typical hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy.

Samantha's mood swings perplexed Gerry, and he entertained thoughts about other women. During this time, Mary entered his life, and they began engaging in an affair, despite the guilt gnawing at him.

Samantha and Gerry eventually celebrated the arrival of a precious baby boy in their lives. However, Gerry came to a devastating realization. Witnessing Samantha and their son together made him comprehend who truly belonged in his life, and it certainly wasn't Mary.

His affair with Mary posed a threat to his wonderful little family, and he desperately wished he could undo the past few months. He ended his relationship with Mary, who reluctantly agreed but didn't handle it gracefully. Gerry then embarked on a new phase of honesty in his life.

A Few Months Later

Life continued its course, and one year later, Samantha had to undertake a journey to visit her mother, bringing their son along with her. Tragically, fate dealt Gerry a cruel blow. Samantha and their son were tragically killed in a car accident, which shattered Gerry's heart.

When Samantha's mother contacted Gerry to deliver the devastating news, he felt his world collapse. Coincidentally, a severe storm occurred that weekend, preventing Gerry from attending the memorial and cremation ceremony. However, Samantha's mother sent him some of her ashes as a keepsake.

Devastated and overwhelmed by grief, Gerry sought solace in the familiar embrace of Mary. They resumed their relationship, temporarily escaping Gerry from the profound pain and loneliness that engulfed him. Mary, being lively and energetic, stood in stark contrast to Samantha. Despite this, Gerry would frequently call Samantha's mother to inquire about their collective struggle with grief.

He always found it astonishing how swiftly Samantha's parents appeared to move forward. With their child no longer with them, they relocated to France, seeking a peaceful retirement void of reminders of their departed daughter and grandchild.

Two Years Later

Two years after Samantha's cremation, Gerry continued to yearn for the nurturing qualities of his late wife. He understood that Mary had no desire to start a family, often expressing her belief that children were burdensome. However, that didn't diminish Gerry's longing for another chance at parenthood. Gerry embodied a paternal nature, keeping a cherished photo of his child nearby as a constant reminder.

His heart continued to ache from the pain of their loss. Aware of Mary's jealousy, Gerry discreetly concealed Samantha's pictures in a hidden compartment within his wallet. One day, Mary sent Gerry a message, urging him to hurry home after work, as she had a surprise in store for him.

She handed him an envelope containing two plane tickets to France, which surprised Gerry. However, he went along with Mary's enthusiastic chatter, knowing that France had always been a dream destination for her, not necessarily for himself. Upon their arrival, though, Mary fell ill. While her condition wasn't severe, it left her bedridden and unable to partake in sightseeing. This left Gerry to embark on solo explorations, immersing himself in the beauty of the picturesque country.

As Gerry roamed the streets of France, his thoughts meandered through the weighty twists and turns his life had endured. Overwhelmed by guilt and sorrow, he was captivated by a sudden sight - a woman's reflection in a shop window bearing an uncanny resemblance to Samantha. His eyes widened in disbelief, prompting him to turn around for a closer look swiftly. To his astonishment, the woman was accompanied by a young boy who resembled what could easily be their son.


Overwhelmed by a whirlwind of hope and confusion, Gerry summoned his courage and called out Samantha's name as he approached the woman. To his astonishment, she turned around, her face reflecting a mixture of shock and disbelief.

It was evident that she had not anticipated such an encounter. Samantha's eyes widened in horror as she recognized Gerry standing before her. She clearly wanted nothing more than to escape from the situation, and she sternly warned him to stay away.

At that moment, she demanded an explanation from Gerry, wanting to know how he had discovered her whereabouts. Her voice struck Gerry's soul like a healing balm and, simultaneously, like a painful lash against his skin. He believed they were both gone, lost to each other forever. Gathering his composure, Gerry finally found his voice and began to speak to Samantha."How… Why?" he stammered. So, she revealed a painful truth.

Shortly after Gerry ended his relationship with Mary, she visited Samantha while Gerry was at work. Mary introduced herself as Gerry's girlfriend and exposed the affair they had engaged in during Samantha's pregnancy. Fearing the impact of having a father who had been unfaithful, Samantha devised a plan to fake her death, completely vanishing from Gerry's life.

Her main objective was to shield their child from growing up with a negative influence. Samantha even enlisted the help of her mother, adding credibility to the scheme. They fabricated a death certificate, allowing Samantha and the child to assume new names and identities as they relocated to France.

Accepting His Karma

In the following moment, three more people approached Gerry, and their son extended his arms towards the man, affectionately calling him "dada." Gerry's heart swelled with longing, yet he realized he could do nothing to convince his child that he was their father. He realized that the other two were Samantha's parents, who had relocated to France to be with their daughter and grandchild, seemingly leaving Gerry languishing in his sorrow and despair.

Gerry pleaded with Samantha, pouring out his desperation and remorse, assuring her that he deeply regretted the affair and had ended his relationship with Mary. However, despite his efforts to convince her that he had chosen her, Samantha remained steadfast. She placed her arm around the man their child referred to as "Dada," at that moment, Gerry noticed the wedding ring on her finger, different from the one he had placed there years ago.

With a heart shattered even further, Gerry walked away, realizing the extent of the pain his decisions had inflicted upon his family. He understood that no amount of regret could undo the harm he had caused.

Even More Bad News

Upon returning to the hotel where he and Mary were lodged, Gerry received unexpected news. Mary had arranged for a doctor to visit their room, who conducted tests revealing that her illness was, in fact, due to her being pregnant.

Gerry felt overwhelmed by the sudden revelation, unsure how to process yet another surprise on that eventful day. The situation was complicated further by the fact that Mary had previously been clear about her lack of desire for children, leaving Gerry uncertain about how to react and navigate this new development.

Regrettably, Mary's stance remained unchanged, and she had already scheduled an appointment for an abortion shortly. She confessed that she had informed Gerry about it out of a sense of obligation rather than genuine desire. Gerry discerned her true motives when she used his credit card to pay for the appointment. Confronting her, he addressed Samantha's pregnancy and accused Mary of lying to his wife.

Despite her denial, Gerry remained resolute in his belief. However, when he accompanied Mary to the hospital, he made a final attempt to persuade her to reconsider her decision about the child. Unfortunately, she remained steadfast in her refusal. With a heavy sigh, Gerry told her he was ending their relationship.

Gerry ensured that Mary had enough cash to cover the remaining duration of their planned holiday and sustain herself for a couple of months after returning home. However, he decided to board the earliest available flight back home, prepared to face the consequences of his actions and the karma he believed he deserved.