Greta Thunberg 'Needs A Smacked Bottom' According To Jeremy Clarkson

Greta Thunberg is an assertive environmental activist who fearlessly exposes the hypocrisy of powerful individuals. She speaks her mind directly and honestly, which some find offensive, particularly men who are easily threatened and resort to diminishing her intelligence and portraying her as childish, instead of addressing her compelling message. Jeremy Clarkson, a notorious figure as the former Top Gear host, is an example of this, as he recently suggested that Thunberg deserves corporal punishment for advocating for what is morally right.

1. Thunberg makes some really good points

Despite advocating for environmental preservation for several years, it was Greta Thunberg's recent protest at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland that seemed to trigger Jeremy Clarkson. He expressed his lack of comprehension regarding the "Greta Thunberg phenomenon" and went as far as to say that she "needs a smacked bottom" in an interview with The Times, which is highly inappropriate.

2. Apparently, he agrees with Thunberg's stance

At COP26, Thunberg demanded "urgent and substantial annual reductions in emissions" and condemned the event for being a "two-week-long celebration of business as usual and blah, blah, blah" aimed at creating self-serving loopholes. She's correct in her assessment, and even Clarkson acknowledges it. However, he disagrees with her decision to protest, calling it "useless."

3. I guess we should all just accept that the planet is destroyed and get on with it?

This is Jeremy Clarkson's perspective on Thunberg: "I don't understand the Thunberg hype. She lacks an understanding of how the world operates, has no manners, and lacks academic credentials because she sailed around the world instead of attending school, all so that she can be ill-tempered and disrespectful to adults."

4. The idea that standard school = education is ridiculous

By suggesting that the only way Thunberg could have knowledge and credibility is by attending high school, where environmental science is not taught in-depth, Clarkson is attempting to discredit her ideas. This is an example of why he has earned the derogatory label of a Grade-A twat.

5. Why is he talking about Thunberg's "bottom" anyway?

The most significant problem is why a 61-year-old man is discussing the spanking of an 18-year-old woman's "bottom" as a punishment for speaking out about climate change. Clarkson's comment, "What she needs is a smacked bottom," is absurd. He went on to tell Greta that lecturing him on what needs to be done is useless because he already knows, comparing it to someone standing in his bedroom every day and instructing him to get dressed.

6. Clarkson decided to throw in some good ol' xenophobia as well

In addition to his inappropriate remarks, Clarkson implied that Thunberg should direct her criticism towards China, disregarding the fact that she consistently holds all world leaders accountable for their lack of action on climate change. He remarked, "What you should do instead is ride a bike to countries where people may be less aware of what needs to be done, such as China. That is something I would like to see. I would enjoy seeing Greta standing outside Zhongnanhai, wearing her parka and Glastonbury backpack with her microphone, lecturing leaders on their coal and tree policies."

7. He's been facing understandable backlash about his comments

Following the publication of the interview, many people expressed their confusion and outrage at Clarkson's remarks on social media. One person wrote, "Why do all older men become angry and defensive about Greta Thunberg? It's fantastic to see so many young people in Glasgow who care about the planet." Another individual commented, "Jeremy Clarkson's recent attempt at humor by attacking Greta Thunberg is creepy, shiver-inducing, and strange!"