Greggs Employee Quit Job To 'Open The Gates Of Hell Six Times A Day'

Kelly Angel, a former Greggs employee who was accustomed to the aroma of freshly baked goods, made the decision to quit her job and pursue the field of "dark energy" management.

Given a choice, most individuals would likely opt to spend their days baking and serving delicious treats such as sausage rolls, biscuits, and doughnuts, rather than entering homes believed to be inhabited by demons. However, Kelly Angel does not fall into this category.

In October 2021, the demonologist made an appearance on This Morning where she conversed with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her unique occupation, which entails visiting homes suspected of paranormal activity.

During the conversation, Angel clarified: "My job is to go in. What we do is collect it all and bring it back to my house… When I go home I open the gates of hell and take the dark energy over."

Schofield, expressing his lack of familiarity with the process of "opening the gates of hell," responded with a quizzical tone: "You go home and open the gates of hell?"

Confirming her actions, the guest stated that she does, in fact, open the gates of hell as part of her job, and does so "about five or six times per day."

Furthermore, she explained: "It's pretty normal for me. Demons, we keep contained. I open the gates of hell and then take them down."

In an effort to safeguard the world against "dangerous forces," Angel cautioned viewers against employing ouija boards, which she referred to as "the most hazardous tool one can use."

"Please don't use them. They're deadly," she stated.

Despite Angel's earnestness, some individuals who watched the program took to social media to express their skepticism.

Following the program, a viewer took to social media and expressed disbelief, writing: "She is on national tv claiming she opens the gates of hell!!!! Come on #ThisMorning… THE GATES OF HELL"

Furthermore, some social media users chastised the program for appearing to overlook the fact that some of the "demons" referenced by Angel may actually be indicators of mental health issues. This is especially true in light of the demonologist's comments that "the objective of a demon is to take you out" and "drag your soul down."

"#ThisMorning if you feel depressed and low, and like the world is against you, please seek therapy, a chat with a friend or a doctors appointment. Please don't think you have a demon within you/ around you," a user Tweeted.

Although Angel acknowledged that there would be individuals who doubted her claims, she asserted that she had "convinced non-believers" by presenting them with "the proof."