Greek Hotel Has Overwater Bungalows Costing Much Less Than The Maldives

greek hotel has overwater bungalows costing much less than the maldives

Daydreaming became our best friend during the COVID-19 pandemic when borders got closed, and traveling was not an option.

Have you ever dreamed of a trip to The Maldives, but in real life, you didn't have the budget for that kind of luxury getaway?

After all, there might be some good news to brighten up your day!

The answer hides in Greece.

The Compromise

Of course, some things should be mentioned from the start - you might not be waking up with the ocean at the foot of your bed.

But despite that, some would argue water's water, albeit the alternative would be slightly more chlorine infused than salt.

Well, as Drake's song goes - want a lot, can't have everything.

If you are trying to explore the shades of blue in Maldivian style while you're on a budget - then Stella Island Luxury Resort might be for you.

A Greek Paradise

This resort is situated right on the coast of Crete. And with its private beach, may we add - the adult-only hotel offers guests a luxurious stay.

They're able to offer you the option to upgrade your room so that it's over the water. And you can physically swim up to it. Or maybe do a cannonball first thing in the morning - whatever your soul pleases you to do.

The hotel has a lagoon-style outdoor pool and a spa, which stretches around the entire resort. Visitors can choose which bar from the two available they would go in, as well as a buffet or à la carte restaurant.

All rooms come with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning included. You also get a hairdryer, safe, bathrobes and slippers, minibar, room service, and tea and coffee making facilities.

The whole package at your service, for your pleasure only.

Feel Free To Choose

greek hotel has overwater bungalows costing much less than the maldives

There are six different room types which you would be able to choose from.

Moreover, they include Island Villa Private Pool, Over Water Bungalows, Premium Double Swim Up, Luxury Double Swim Up, Premium Double Pool View, and Luxury Double Pool View.

All of the titles are self-explanatory and don't need further notes on which is which.

The Island Villa Private Pool and each of the two Premium options offer to accommodate up to three people.


According to prices from various booking websites, you could book a room for £118 per adult, per night. Of course, the price would go up if you have intentions of upgrading.

At the time of creating this article, prices were £890 per person for a pool view room at a half-board.
Furthermore, again at a half board, a luxury swim-up would set you back £1,250.

For a deluxe villa private pool at a half-board, you'd need around £1,660. And of course, you can expect the cost to increase additionally by around £200-£300 per person.

That's all folks - a decision has been made.
Pack your bags, and off we go to Greece!