Grandma Punishes Two-year-old Toddler By Scalding Her Feet With Boiling Water–She Now Faces Amputation

Grandma Punishes Two-year-old Toddler By Scalding Her Feet With Boiling Water–she Now Faces Amputation

Alarming photos are doing their rounds on the web. They feature a two-year-old from Tennessee whose feet have suffered horrific burns after her step-grandma dipped them in boiling water.

The grandma was apparently "having a bad day." This is the admission she made according to the baby's mother, Brittany Smith.

It was Brittany who shared photos of her child's severely damaged feet. Some of these photos have been seen by those working on the case.

The baby girl, Kaylee Robinson, and her step-grandma, Jennifer Vaughn, were together on August 11 when the incident happened. They were at her home in Chattanooga.

Following the incident, Vaughn is facing aggravated child abuse charges. She is under custody on a $150,000 bond.

The photos show 'the worst scald burns I've ever seen.' This is according to Rocky Potter, a detective at Rhea County Sheriff's Department.

It was as if the girl was wearing pink socks after the burns happened. The health facility taking care of the girl describes the injuries as 'sock burns.'

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Kaylee's parents Kyle Vaughn and Brittany Smith.

What's worrying is that, according to her mother, the toddler's condition is not getting any better. After the horrible incident happened, the wounds that opened up on her feet appear to be worsening.

This is even though she has already undergone two surgeries. Even the doctors admit that her condition is not progressing as they had hoped.

By now, they expected that the skin would be repairing itself, But it's not.

On top of that, the girl is under a lot of pain.

Naturally, the whole situation is very stressful for the baby's mother.

What's probably even more distressing is the knowledge that Kaylee is considered 'at a high risk of infection' and could, therefore, 'end up losing her feet.'

Currently, surgeons are planning on taking some skin from her thigh and grafting it to her feet.

At the moment, photos show that the girl has suffered severe third-degree burns on the upper region of her feet. She also has large blisters around the ankles.

Anyone sympathetic to her plight can help offset Kaylee's medical costs through GoFundMe.

But how did all this happen?

Smith had left her daughter in her grandma's care. Vaughn is her fiance's mother.

The grandma would be babysitting Kaylee at her home while her mom was out with Kaylee's two older siblings. They had gone swimming.

And it's not like Vaughn had not taken care of Kaylee in the past. In fact, she had babysat the baby several times without incident.

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But on the day this horrific incident happened, she had not left the baby in her grandma's care for long before she got an urgent call.

Vaughn wanted her to come back. Brittany could also hear Kaylee screaming in the background as they talked on the phone.

She arrived to find her baby in a lot of pain, and her grandma willingly divulged details on what had transpired.

She even admitted that she put the baby's feet in boiling water for misbehaving.

Obviously, grandma went overboard

In an interview, the mother said:

"It's not right. There is nothing in this world that a two-year-old can do, no matter how bad they lashed out at you, would warrant such a cruel reaction."

Actually, the mother went on to claim that if she had things her way, Vaughn 'would have the exact same punishment.'

'I would like someone to burn her feet just the same,' Smith added.

So far, operations on the baby's feet have not shown much promise.