Grandma, Daughter, And Granddaughter Get Mistaken For Sisters


The Maxwell family has some incredible genes that make it pretty unbelievable that Lesley Maxwell, who's 65 years old and a bodybuilder, doesn't look much younger. People frequently get confused and think she, her daughter, and her granddaughter are siblings because they look so much alike.

There's no denying that the Maxwell family has some really amazing genes.

At 65 years old, bodybuilder Lesley Maxwell often gets mistaken for someone much younger because of her youthful appearance.

People often mistake her, her daughter, and her granddaughter for sisters because of their striking resemblance.

It's hard to guess Lesley's age when you compare her to Vanessa Christofi and Tia Christofi.

"[People are] shocked to find out that I have grandchildren because I guess it is a little out of the ordinary to think that a grandmother is doing deadlifts and chin-ups in the gym," she said.

The 65-year-old thinks that lifting weights is a fantastic way to stay youthful.

"I'd recommend weight training to women of all ages as there are so many health benefits to training this way," she shared.

"It strengthens our bones and helps us tone our body by adding muscle. I'd love to see more women of all ages lifting weights."

"It's the anti-aging way to train."

"I usually do four weight training sessions a week, plus as I'm a trainer and in the gym most days, you could say that I get some incidental exercise as I'm often carrying the weights or 'spotting' my clients."

"I also do some exercise demonstrations, so I guess that also helps."

The three of them say they often catch people staring when they work out together at the gym.

"People are always surprised to learn that we are actually three totally different generations of a family. However, we always have a wonderful time together chatting, having a laugh, and training," she said.

"I'm so blessed to have such a lovely family."

"I'm also very lucky that I get to share clothes with my daughter and granddaughter. When we do shoots together, most of the clothes come from Tia's wardrobe."

"She loves doing the styling and color coordinating us."

Tia, who is 22, says her grandmother can effortlessly keep up with their challenging workouts, and they all "inspire and motivate each other."

"They're taken back when I correct them and tell them she is my grandmother," she said.

"I film my grandmother and I working out and people love to see it."

"She's 43 years my senior and we both lift weights and follow the same workout routine while dressed in similar apparel."