A lot of us need to up our selfie game. But now, you can take lessons from gorillas, whose cool majestic poses have taken the Internet by storm.

Two gorillas from Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a UNESCO world heritage site, have helped create a unique selfie.

The gorillas posed with two anti-poaching rangers.

The park has more than 600 rangers because the region is deeply affected by war and armed conflict, which has been going on for the last two decades.

The rangers undergo serious training and constantly put their lives on the line to help protect the park’s wildlife. Part of their responsibility is protecting the park’s endangered mountain gorillas.

But even while doing this important and potentially dangerous job, the rangers, and the gorillas, still find the time to have a little fun.

The deep bond between the gorillas and the anti poachers allows them to pose for great pictures together.

From the selfie, it is clear that this is hardly the first time the gorillas have been doing this.

Another photo from last year had another park ranger pose with two gorillas (Nadakasi and Matabishi) in an adorable selfie.

Sure, the animals might need to refine their art a bit, especially the angles, but what they have managed so far is pretty impressive.

There are a couple of other great selfies with these animals as well. They go to show just how lovely these primates really are.

But the anti poachers are well-aware of the heavy responsibility that rests on their shoulders. In a selfie taken by one of the park rangers, the caption is as touching as the snap that goes with it. You can see a young gorilla resting on his shoulders.

He says that it might seem easy being a hero or a martyr when one is young, but growing up lets us understand the gravity of a simple act of virtue.

While the photos are certainly touching and even warming, they should also serve as a reminder of the challenges various wildlife species are facing.

Many animals are on the brink of extinction, all thanks to activities like poaching. Gorillas and other endangered animals need all the protection they can get. If these photos help make this easier, we should be glad to see more of them.

Good job guys, keep it up!