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Gordon's Are Releasing Mediterranean Orange Gin

Gordon’s Are Releasing Mediterranean Orange Gin

Hey, we may be locked in for the summer, but who says we have to feel like it? Gordon's new Mediterranean Orange Gin will transport you straight to sunnier climes.

While lots of us have had to stay indoors for the past few weeks, this tasty new Gordon's Mediterranean Orange Gin is a straight-up taste of summer. Its tasty citrus profile belongs by the beach!

gordon's are releasing mediterranean orange gin

Gin Is Everywhere

Gin has been getting more and more popular over the past few years. Whether you like yours in a bowl glass full of ice, or in a slim glass with a splash of tonic – gin is truly everywhere.

Where wine used to be the go-to drink in bars, increasingly gin has overtaken. Previously an old lady's drink, gin is now the drink-du-jour of the young and cool everywhere.

Instagram and Snapchat are full of people sharing pics of their latest gin purchase. Whether it's rhubarb, blueberry, or apple, our alcohol cupboards are full of cute gin bottles, and tasty gin flavors.

As well as this delicious new Mediterranean Orange Gin, Gordons is also releasing a Sicilian Lemon flavor. These new citrus gins offer up all sorts of options for the long summer ahead.

gordon's are releasing mediterranean orange gin

It's Cocktail Hour!

Maybe you like your gin as classic as it comes, with a splash of tonic in a highball glass. If you want a little switch-up on that classy cocktail, then just use Gordon's new Mediterranean Orange Gin in place of your usual gin of choice.

You could add a little something-something to the classic gin and tonic by garnishing it with an orange slice, and a sprig of rosemary. This herby addition will give your drink a fragrant bouquet. Just take a big sniff to feel like you're in sunny Spain.

Alternatively, why not create something brand new with Gordon's Mediterranean Orange Gin? You could make a twist on the St Clement's Martini by using orange gin in place of liqueur. Or you could add sweet vermouth and mango juice for a summery orange cocktail.

So many flavors match Gordon's new Mediterranean Orange Gin that the world is your oyster. Try adding ginger beer or crystallized ginger to your recipes. Or even try adding a spoonful of marmalade (remember to strain!), or a slice of blood orange. Paddington would be proud.

There are so many ways to enjoy this zingy new Mediterranean Orange Gin. I can hardly wait!

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait just a little longer, as Gordon's new Mediterranean Orange Gin launches on May 26th. When the time comes, you can purchase your own bottle at Tesco.

Bottles of this exciting summer treat are a bargain, at £16.50.