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Gordon Ramsay's Advice: The One Thing You Should Never Order At A Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay, renowned chef and culinary expert, has been dishing out invaluable advice to diners on what menu item they should always steer clear of when dining out at a restaurant.

The celebrity chef has built an illustrious career by delving into struggling restaurants and uncovering their hidden secrets and flaws.

Along the way, he has encountered a wide array of dishes, ranging from classic bouillabaisse to exotic blancmange and from traditional quiche to trendy quinoa.

In addition to critiquing the culinary mishaps of others, he has also taken the time to roast some of the more outrageous attempts at cooking popular dishes.

However, it's worth mentioning that a few of his own creations have not escaped criticism, particularly in terms of their visual presentation.

Thankfully, this has honed his discerning palate and keen eye for identifying the one common item that you should avoid at almost any restaurant.

We're not referring to the nightmarish scenarios of Kitchen Nightmares, such as a pantry infested with rats or a vegetable supply overrun with mold. Rather, this is something that you are far more likely to come across in an ordinary restaurant.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Ramsay shared his three golden rules for dining out at a restaurant. He cautioned diners to be wary of any establishment that made "suspicious boasts" about the quality of their food.

According to Ramsay, buzzwords like "famous" or "best in the country" without any substantiating evidence would trigger his alarm bells. He always wondered, "Who said that? Who named that?"

In addition, Ramsay revealed a special trick for savvy wine lovers to score great bottles at bargain prices. He recommended asking for the "bin end" list, which typically includes bottles with scratched labels or vintages that haven't sold well.

Ramsay's pro tip was to ask for a wine recommendation that doesn't exceed $30 (£24), as this can be a clever tactic to discover an underrated gem without breaking the bank.

However, the celebrity chef's most crucial advice was about the one dish to avoid when the waiter approaches to take your order.

As it turns out, Ramsay's advice is to be wary of anything from the specials board, especially if it appears to have an extensive selection.

In his own words: "Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials that's not special."

Ramsay has been consistent in warning diners about choosing special dishes at restaurants, including his particular concern with the soup of the day offerings.

The chef has previously advised that if you're considering the soup, you should inquire with the server about what was being ladled out the day before.

If it's the same soup, then it might indicate that it's been lingering for longer than a day, possibly making it a "soup of the week" or even "soup of the month" situation.

Furthermore, Ramsay has an additional piece of advice for those dining out for a romantic evening. He suggests booking a three-person table to avoid being stuck in an undesirable corner "like a doorstop," thereby maximizing your chances of a more pleasant dining experience.