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Gordon Ramsay Responds To Vegan Teacher's Song Roasting Him For Eating Meat

gordon ramsay responds to vegan teacher’s song roasting him for eating meat

TikToker Miss Kadie is definitely one of those vegans who make other vegans just look bad.

Known on TikTok as thatveganteacher, Kadie took vegan activism too far by stating that she would never donate an organ to any meat eater, even putting her own dog on a meat-free diet!

This lady clearly couldn't bear eating her plants in silence. She went even further, targeting TikTok accounts that use animal leather or cook meals with animal products and making her followers report and harass them.


This time, she tried to get attention by going after a big catch: Gordon Ramsay. Miss Kadie wrote a song especially for chef Ramsay, who, by the way, is known for roasting fools and cooking a lot of meat!

In her TikTok clip, she strums a ukulele and sings:

"Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Share this song, Gordon Ramsay."

Knowing that the celebrity chef usually calls people names like "doughnut" or "idiot sandwich" when they act foolishly, Kadie said at the end of the song that he can call her a doughnut.


She also went so far as to tag Ramsay, a known burger lover.

And guess what? The chef actually shared her song!

In his short clip, he carefully listens to her song while munching on some lettuce.

And, as she asked, he did call her a "vegan doughnut" then he took a big bite of a hamburger.

The Clip is Hilarious


Chef Ramsay isn't that anti-vegan. In fact, in celebration of Veganuary, he actually added a creative vegan version of his famous Beef Wellington to the menu of his restaurant, replacing beef with beets:


But perhaps "Beets Wellington" was a joke from Ramsay, as a whole beet wrapped in pastry can't be that appetizing!

In the past, he also jokingly said that he was "allergic to vegans":


When you see the kind of content that Vegan Teacher shares on her TikTok, and the kind of feelings she has towards killing animals, it's no wonder she targeted someone as well-known for cooking meat and eating it like Gordon Ramsay.

But no matter how much she or her followers do to fight meat-eaters, Ramsay is, and will always be a meat fanatic. So, Kadie, you're better off accepting that as soon as you can!