Gordon Ramsay Donated $50K To Help With Masterchef Junior's Ben Watkins' Cancer Treatments

gordon ramsay donated $50k to help with masterchef junior’s ben watkins’ cancer treatments

MasterChef Junior judge Gordon Ramsay quietly donated $50,000 to help cover Ben Watkin's medical expenses and cancer treatments.

Ben Watkins lost his life to an extremely rare soft tissue tumor called Angiomatoid Fibrous Histiocytoma at age 14.

The illness caused aggressive tumors that affected the spine, shoulder, and lung of the young chef.

According to reports, Ben was one of six people in the world diagnosed with the illness.


Before his death, friends and colleagues did all they could to help him amid his cancer battle.

And one of those who played a part in the treatment of the late junior chef is MasterChef Junior Judge Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay chipped in with his own money — $50K to be exact — to help fund the late contestant's treatment.

Ramsay, alongside Ben's fellow MasterChef Junior contestants, also shared a heartfelt video to cheer him up and encouraged people to donate to his GoFundMe Page.


He said on the short clip:

"If you can beat me in the MasterChef Junior kitchen, trust me, you can beat this. God bless, and lots of love, buddy."

Ben sadly died three months later, on November 16, 2020.

The teen's death came just three years after both his parents died in a domestic violence incident back in 2017.

Following his death, Ben's uncle Anthony Edwards and grandmother Donna Edwards said that he had gone 'home to be with his mother.'


A statement on a GoFundMe campaign page said:

"After losing both his parents in September 2017, we have marveled at Ben's strength, courage, and love for life.

"He never, ever complained. Ben was and will always be the strongest person we know."

The statement concluded:

"When Ben's rare illness was shared with the world, he was so heartened by the outpouring of love he received from every corner of the globe — especially here in his hometown of Gary, Indiana."


"We cannot thank this community enough for holding our family up in prayer and for all that you've done."

"Ben suffered more than his share in his fourteen years on this Earth. But we take solace in that his suffering is finally over and in that, in the end, Ben knew he was loved by so many."

Days before his 13th birthday, Ben was diagnosed with Angiomatoid Fibrous Histiocytoma. The rare tumor affects a small number of children and young adults.


Before his passing, Ben underwent treatment at the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

His uncle told the Chicago Tribune that 'a golf-ball-sized tumor had grown into a grapefruit-sized mass' in his nephew's neck.

At the same time, Ben was undergoing chemotherapy for tumors on his lungs, spine and shoulder as well.

Edward, who took Ben's legal guardianship following the death of the aspiring cook's parents, said:


"Despite all the pain and sickness, Ben went through, he never complained, not once."

He added:

"We were praying for a different outcome."

"But Ben's lungs could no longer give him the air he needed to breathe. It's been devastating."