Google Searches For How To Move To Canada Spiked During First Presidential Debate

Google Searches For How to Move to Canada Spiked During First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was one that left Americans in despair.

The animated debate saw Biden and Trump yell at each other and throw insults. Tempers flared, and the two spoke over each other more than once.

As a result, Google searches on how to move to America's neighbor, Canada, soared intensely.

US citizens watched the debate in shock and disappointment and then promptly took to the internet to find out if Canada would welcome them.

Google Searches Intensified


The search words 'How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship' and 'Move to Canada' saw a massive spike about an hour into the debate.

According to news reports, Google searches for 'How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship' peaked at 10:30 pm.

It seems the folks from Massachusetts were the most eager to leave the country. The state saw the highest number of searches, closely followed by Ohio and Michigan.

Memes Galore

google searches for how to move to canada spiked during first presidential debate

Of course, the internet was ready to respond with memes (when do people not turn to memes these days?).


The Twitter streets were especially busy and delivered a treasure trove of memes and funny comments on the Google search spike.

One person described the presidential debate as a '90-minute commercial for Canada,' and another said they'd go to Mexico if they had to.

If Canadians' tweets are anything to go by, they're not so happy about the idea of Americans fleeing to their safe haven.


One tweet stated that Americans have a better chance to go to the moon than enter Canada.

A Debate Described as 'Combative'


People who didn't see the presidential debate may wonder what the big deal is. Well, if you consider that The Guardian described the debate as 'combative and chaotic,' you get an idea of what went down.

The hour and a half debate was meant to be a civil event. However, it turned into rude interjections and snippy comments.

At one point, Biden even asked Trump to shut up, calling his behavior 'unpresidential.'

There are just five weeks left until Americans need to vote, and currently, Trump is trailing in state polls.

He has been accused of severely mishandling the coronavirus pandemic and was often quoted making questionable statements.

Reports about his finances not looking good, and his military comments are getting Trump a lot of negative attention. Maybe that's why he lost his temper so quickly during the debate.

Americans are counting the days until they can make their votes. It might just be the end of the presidential line for Trump.