Goodbye Ex Love, You Were Not My Future, Just A Memory

Goodbye Ex Love, You Were Not My Future, Just A Memory

Dear ex Love,

I think I healed from you today.

Hearing your name doesn't hurt me anymore.

I don't cry myself to sleep at night anymore.

Your pictures are no longer hanging on the wall.

To love you was great and destructive at the same time.

It's true I've missed you. I've missed the sweet loving person I thought you were.

Today you are this heartless one that I don't recognize, a complete stranger to me .


Yes I call you the heartless one.

I was the only one to see your pain in your eyes when nobody did.

I was the only one who lifted you up when everybody else let you down.

No one knew you like I did. No one cared for you like I did.

You acted like I was nothing. You broke my heart into pieces, then left me.

I will never understand why you treated me so poorly, but today I don't want to know cause your actions said it all.


One day, someone asked me to describe Love and I almost said your name, but I stayed quiet instead.

This day, I've realized you turned out to be a huge waste of time. Like why did I let you into my heart in the first place? Why did I worry so much about you all this time?

If I could go back to the day we met, I'd turn around and walk the other away. But we can't change the past.


Why did I live with regrets all this time when I can only thank you for this lesson. You just showed me who you truly were inside your heart. You saved me from you.

Thank you for making me realize my worth and opening my eyes. What it broke inside of me, made me stronger.

Sometimes in life, we make the mistake of giving more love than we receive in return.

Goodbye Ex Love, you were not my future, just a memory. I needed to lose you to find me. I wish you the best, though. I'm finally free from you so is my heart.