Good Things Come To Those Who Bait

Good Things Come To Those Who Bait

A guy had planned a fishing trip to his favorite fishing spot on the flats of Florida.

He packed and began the trip to the water.

He launched his boat, motored to his sea trout honey hole, and began fishing.

In no time, he caught the biggest trout he'd ever captured.

He cast out again and was delighted to catch an even larger trout.

Every cast, he caught a trophy fish.

Then his mobile phone rang; it was the hospital telling him his wife had been admitted to the emergency room.

She may die, they told him.

The fisherman is worried but wants to catch the world record trout, so he decides to have just a few more casts.

He pulls in three more colossal trout, but his conscience begins to get the better of him, so he reluctantly pulls anchor and motors back to his car to go to the hospital.

Running into the emergency room, he meets up with a stern-looking doctor.

The doctor sees the man dressed for fishing and scolds the husband:

"Your wife has been at death's door for hours now. You kept fishing after you were called, didn't you? You ought to be ashamed!"

The fisherman sobbed since it was true.

"Well," said the doc, "I hope you had a good time; your wife will survive, but your fishing days are over…"

"She will require constant care from now on… 24 hours per day. You will have to do everything for her."

The fisherman sobbed:

"Oh God, I didn't think it was that bad, I feel terrible!!!!"

The doc grinned and nudged the fisherman with his elbow…

"Just kidding, buddy… she's dead. How many did you catch?"