Good Reasons To Become A Gold Digger

Good Reasons To Become A Gold Digger

Being a "gold digger" carries an insulting note in our modern civilization. This characterizes such a calculative woman as someone who is basically humiliating herself. However, nothing could be further from the truth. And now, you will find out precisely why right from the genuine gold digger.

Most women need substantial time to choose the right pair of shoes, a nice dress, or a handbag for themselves. And if those items are expensive and signed by famous designers, the fear of making the wrong decision is even worse. So, how come our standards get way lower when we need to choose the proper man?

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Legacy Of The Past Century's Feminism

good reasons to become a gold digger

The answer to this question lies in our early programming while our "modern" mothers raised us. And they were also raised by their mothers, who lived through a sexual revolution. The powerful and global feminist movement reshaped female minds.

This movement had some great points and victories, like ensuring women's health and social protection in many countries. And it also fought for the right to be employed in certain, until then forbidden, industries, property or legal business ownerships, and so on.

On the other side, the same feminism had emphasized sexual freedom the most. Consequently, it destroyed traditionally established norms of behavior between men and women.

This resulted in so many divorces and single motherhoods, which produced many generations of confused children. The individuals who don't know what the real family truly looks like and how the family dynamic functions.

Reprogram Your Mind

good reasons to become a gold digger

Let's be completely honest with this one. A woman can honestly never know if she will find the special man who will remain "special" until the end of their lives.

Everything is possible, and usually, some of the undesired outcomes may happen. Everything might appear in cheating, addictions, diseases, developing negative feelings or hostility, and so on. Nevertheless, life is way easier when sustainable amounts of money are present and easily accessible to women.

Therefore, as the first good reason for becoming a gold digger, you have to reprogram your mind first regarding your money outlook. There is nothing good or bad in money per se. It just emphasizes the person's real character. Money can buy guns or drugs; this is true.

However, it can also buy homes, food, education, inspiring travels, create many businesses that can consequently feed many families, and of course, help those in need.

Do you need some or all of those things in your life? If you do, then being a gold digger is not an insulting trait at all. The same way you've learned from an early age that you need to attain a respectable position in your career and social circles, you need to teach yourself to accept the gifts.

Being a receptive woman is a highly feminine characteristic. It shows that you are intelligent and wise enough not to carry the world's weight on your shoulders but to let a real man do the heavy lifting for you. Gold digging will teach you this thing right from the start.

Choosing The Alpha Male

good reasons to become a gold digger

Finding the "good" man is deeply embedded in the female's nature, and this has nothing to do with our social or cultural norms, but it has everything related to our biology.

Of course, you want the right man to take care of you when the dinosaurs or wolves are attacking outside. And you need the good hunter when the winter is howling around the cave, and the food is rapidly disappearing. And you also need the devoted one to be beside you when you are pregnant or having a small child.

Look, you are the valuable one in this male/female formula from the gene's perspective. The eggs are in you; you will carry the baby in your body and then raise this baby. Not to mention the fact that all mitochondria or cell-generators are passing from the female side.

And you can say, "Hey, I'm old, I can't have children anymore, or I don't want children anymore," it doesn't matter. The genes, hormones, and pheromones in you are all singing the same song from the dawn of humanity. Women are exceptionally valuable. And this is carved deep in each cell of every man, too.

So why sell yourself short? First of all, learn how to politely avoid any dusty guy coming your way, and then position yourself at a proper location where successful men gather. Take care of your appearance and manners, and you will surely catch a "big fish."

Improving The Society By Becoming A Gold Digger

good reasons to become a gold digger

Men are notorious for two things in general. They are fast learners because those who do not end up in defeat. They are also known for the ability to put as little effort as they can to be able to achieve their goals. Energy is precious; therefore, it must be preserved only for important tasks.

By acting like royalty, you will quickly weed out all those beta males. You will cut off emotionally or psychologically unstable guys looking for free psychiatrists or motherly figures. And you will surely eliminate all "I'm here for free sex" men.

At the same time, you will create the space for the special someone who will be honored to fight for your time and attention. Finally, someone to shower with his care.

Remember, men learn very fast. The moment we women reassess and raise our standards, they will have to adjust their behavior and treat us as we demand, or they will fall out of the biological formula. Go for the best, and you will improve the whole society because men will try to become alpha males in no time.

And the next time someone calls you a gold digger, be proud because you are not the dust digger for sure.