Good For The Soul

Good For The Soul

If you're feeling lost, you're far from being the only one. What you want is your business, but what you need is what your soul craves.

No one has an idea what they're doing in their lives, and that's okay as long as you feel satisfied. The moment you start feeling unease, or as if you lost your way, that's when it's time to turn your attention inwards and see what's happening.

Here are some useful tips on how to get over that feeling of being stuck or like you have no idea what's going on with your life. It all comes down to feeding what's inside your soul, so let's begin, shall we?

Let yourself be

Cancel plans, take a day off work, or plan a short trip. Do whatever it is that makes you happy, joyful. You don't have to be productive every single minute of your life. Nor should you have your whole life planned.

Let go of control, lose yourself in a great book, your favorite songs and poems, sights, and nature. By letting go and allowing yourself to simply be, you're doing exactly what you need. You're feeding your starving soul.


Wouldn't it be great if you could stop scrolling and close your social media accounts, at least for a week? The world won't end if you allow yourself to exist in the real world. Quite the opposite, you'll find yourself enjoying small things. You usually do as if you were on autopilot.

Skip watching the news as well. The world's a mess, so do you truly believe that everything will come to its place in a few days? No, it won't, but the more you stare at your telly won't change anything, either. So, what's the point of fueling negativity when you can focus on yourself and the people you love?

Use the tools

While gardening tools certainly can help you calm the mind, we had something else in mind. The tools are meditating, writing a gratitude journal, eating healthier, and exercising more.

Additionally, you should start knitting, growing plants, and keeping yourself busy while developing a useful hobby. You could start learning a language or take photography classes. It will take more of your time, but everything you're doing will make you feel more alive and more energized.

Nurture your spirituality

You don't have to believe in God to believe in something. Spirituality isn't a matter of religion, rather a way of keeping the faith that you will figure out what's soothes you and how to trust yourself more.

A loving, kind spirit is curious, present and nurturing, to yourself and others. It also goes hand in hand with your soul, so it's up to you. Will you seek ways to be more positive and gentle with yourself, or will you keep doing the same old?

Be open for new things

Ideally, you would do one new thing each day. But that's burdening, so let's just say that you should start saying yes to new experiences. Start small, maybe cook a meal. If you're not great in the kitchen, try yoga or painting, then move on to more significant challenges.

Seeking new opportunities is a great way to deal with various scary situations and numerous fears we carry each day. When you're asking for something new and unusual, you'll learn to embrace each change.

There are some things we will never fully understand, like the concept of our souls. But, we know very well when our soul feels broken, stuck, or starved. You don't have to spend your days trying to figure things out, instead focus on action. What is it that you can do for your soul, your spirit at this very moment? Have a glass of water, and take action!