God's Timing Is Always Perfect

God’s Timing Is Always Perfect

The only thing that has been getting me through the current hardships is prayer. Every time before I slip under the covers, I say something to God.

I Am A Strong Believer In That We Always Have Something To Be Thankful For

And I think we don't have to wait until thanksgiving to admit that.

I might not know what plans God has for me, but I know they are good plans.

Little by little, I am learning to focus more on God's plans for me rather than my own.

So, the angry questions I directed at Him when my plans failed have stopped. I was upset when my dream career became an impossible target for me. But over time, I came to accept that some of God's blessings sometimes look like rejections and heartbreaks.

God Knows What's Best For You

Our vision is limited because we often mistake blessings for trouble and invite trouble into our lives thinking we have received a divine blessing.

So, why not let God be in charge?

He cares, and will not willingly let you fall into ruin. So, don't rush to make things happen, the only person you will hurt is yourself.

I bet you think you know your heart through and through. I will not argue with that. But I have some news for you: God knows your heart better than you do.

He knows your desires and needs, and He is aware you have goals in life.

You thought He was ignoring you, but He was busy preparing the future you deserved and desired for you. He was molding the person who is worth all you have to give.

All you have to do is wait patiently, and not question His love for you.

We think we know the best time for God to answer our prayers. But we don't.

God Is Master Over Time, And We Are Slaves To It

He knows fulfilling your wish to get that lifelong partner right now will be a mistake because you will not appreciate it and experience the joy that should come with the experience.

And to make sure that doesn't happen, he put the wrong person in your life so you can truly appreciate the good person when they finally come.

Such are His ways, full of mystery and divine wisdom.

God wants you to possess what He gives you and appreciate it. Sometimes He might make you struggle a bit, but once you get what's yours, you will forget all the pain and delight in the blessings God has prepared for you.

God Knows The Way

We just have to follow His lead. He knows what you deserve. God wants nothing more than to give it to you, but only when the time is right.

God's timing is always perfect. So, be still and patient and wait on Him, for He has good plans for your life.