God's Grace Is Beyond Question. Trust In It

God’s Grace Is Beyond Question. Trust In It

I know, it must feel like you have reached your wit's end. Being no stranger to pain, suffering, and solitude, I need no lessons on the meaning of misery and hopelessness.

Faith keeps us going at these times, but I know you are almost out of faith because the hope is also fading. How can faith exist without hope?

This is not where you wished you would be at this point in your life. You imagined you would have been much further along in life. But you are mark timing… You are stuck. You have hit a wall.


Once again, your heart has been shattered into countless pieces.

You feel the overwhelming and sinking pain of having to suffer unrequited love.

The plans, the beautiful future, and the hopes are all going down the drain as you watch, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It took every ounce of your strength to believe again.

But you are right where you started. Square one.


It was difficult the first time around, and your subsequent attempts got harder and harder. And now you have to give it another shot.

I cannot imagine what you are going through.

The exhaustion of having to fight this battle countless times must weigh on you.

It must be one of the most overwhelming things you have ever tried. But you know you have to keep trying.

Even as you go through all this, I hope that you understand one thing. God is still there for you.


He will never forsake you, his grace will see you through it all.

His grace is sufficient for you.

He was with you from day one, before you were even born or conceived.

His plan for you will still come to be.

He knows what you can handle, and He will not give you anything more.

So, although it feels like hell know that it will get better. Also remember that the worst is over.


Nowhere else left to go but up.

Put your trust in Him. Unlike anyone you will ever meet in this life, God's providence, mercies, and grace are not seasonal.

You can handle what you are facing. The next step might feel impossible, but he will make sure you get where you are going.

The mountain you are facing in your life is there for a reason. It has a purpose. Trust in the process it puts you through.


Maybe it is the surest path to your ultimate destination. Maybe it guarantees you cross over and get to your blessings rather than wander around without a purpose.

I can assure you of one thing. Once you get to your blessings, you will understand why you had to go through this hell.

You will finally understand why God had a plan that involved you getting by through His grace. You will learn and appreciate how much strength, beauty, and inspiration He has given you.


You will rise again, and to greater heights than ever before.

Purely through God's grace, you have become a winner. You are more than a conqueror, for His grace has given you the strength to overcome.

So, hang in there. Your blessing is just around the corner.

And when it comes, the tribulations you suffered will be nothing compared to the rejoicing that awaits you.