God's Duties For Each Zodiac Sign

God’s Duties For Each Zodiac Sign


Aries was the first child of God. The duty given to Aries was to plant the seed of God's word into people's minds. God knew that it was important that people heard his idea. Once Aries spread the word of God, Aries would receive the virtue of Self-Esteem.


God wanted Taurus to build the seed into something that is sustainable. He gave Taurus patience to finish what Aries started. The gift that was given to the Taurus was Strength.


Gemini was given many questions, which Gemini could not answer. It was Geminis's duty to give the people an answer that could be found in the world around them. Gemini gave the people understanding. When Gemini understood, Gemini will get all of the Knowledge possible.


God wanted Cancer to make people feel emotions so they could have a feel fulfillment. When Cancer was done making the people feel every emotion, God gave Cancer Family. Having a family allowed Cancer to have endless fullness in their life.


What Leo did was show everyone what God has created. However, Leo could not be prideful in their duty. Leo has to remember that he did not create what God did. If Leo could stick to his word and not become prideful, he received Honor from God.


Virgo's duty from God was inspecting what the human race did to his beautiful creation. God ensured that Virgo corrected the human error. What Virgo got for his hard work was Purity of Thought.


Libra was given the responsibility of making sure that the people knew the importance of service. Libra had to teach people how to cooperate with each other. After Libra's duty was complete, God gave Libra the gift of Love.


Scorpio had the toughest duty of all the children. God made Scorpio have the capability of hearing other's thoughts. However, Scorpio couldn't tell the thoughts heard. Once Scorpio followed through, Scorpio was given the greatest gift of all, Purpose.


God then made Sagittarius to make people laugh at their misunderstandings. Laughing is a way to give people hope that God can enter their lives. Sagittarius's duty is what brought light into the world. That is when God gave Sagittarius the gift of Light.


Capricorn must teach people how to work hard. God wants the people to know that their tasks on earth will not be simple. The work Capricorn shared with others allowed God to give the gift of Responsibility of Brothers and Sisters.


Aquarius was given an abstract idea to spread. What God gave Aquarius was the duty of allowing people to see all of the possible opportunities. Once people finally opened their eyes to what is available, God gave Aquarius the gift of Freedom.


Lastly, God told Pisces to share people's sorrows with him. Pisces's tears were God's tears. What God gave Pisces was the mightiest gift of all of the gifts God gave his children, Pisces was gifted Understanding. Only Pisces could understand God.