Goddess Party Self-Isolation Style: Embrace Your Femininity

Goddess Party Self-isolation Style: Embrace Your Femininity

Throwing a goddess party is the ultimate way to embrace your femininity. But how do we celebrate being a woman during the COVID-19 self-isolation? Let's explore.

What Is A Goddess Party?

Have you ever been to a goddess party before? If you have, then you probably know what they are about.

Womanhood is a great cause for celebration. We are friends, mothers, daughters, life partners, bosses, and complete bad-asses.

And what is a better way to embrace your womanhood than through a well-organized goddess party?

It is important to channel your femininity every day. But once in a while, we should set aside at least several hours to celebrate being a woman to the fullest.

This celebration is not going to be a tea party in ball gowns, although it totally can be. It is going to be the time to embrace everything that makes YOU feel like a woman.

Femininity is not a constant. We are all allowed to see it the way we do. A goddess party is a great way to both explore your preferences and treat yourself to the things you enjoy the most.

Reasons To Throw A Goddess Party

Technically, there should not be a reason to embrace your femininity. But, traditionally, several occasions specifically call for a goddess party of some sort.

These reasons might include events like birthdays, job promotions, weddings, baby showers, and more. They can, once again, also happen for no reason at all. Because, hey — girls just wanna have fun, right?

Outlining your feminine qualities and making them a center of attention is a great psychological tool.

A new mom deserves to be celebrated for that great journey of bringing life to the world. A bride is showered in love and attention because she decided to commit to a partner.

We simply must be proud of being women. And a party is an amazing way to show off that pride.

If in the nearest future you are going to be in charge of throwing or organizing an event, consider making it a goddess party. A party where anyone who identifies as a woman has a chance to embrace their femininity and simply let go and have fun.

Currently, we are living through a never-happened-before kind of situation. The Coronavirus got us locked inside without the ability to visit our favorite places and hang out with friends.

Is that a reason not to embrace your femininity by having a goddess party? Heck to the no.

Embrace Your Femininity During Self-Isolation

Let's run the engine on our imaginary time travel machine and go back to the times before the pandemic breakout.

Remember dancing in your underwear when no one else is at home? Or dedicating an entire afternoon to little self-care rituals, such as face masks or a nice warm bath?

Well, here you go — that was a demo version of what the goddess party can be.

But what we want to do is to level it up. Yes, that's right, we are going to make an entire event out of a simple act of self-pampering, even if you are the only one attending.

In case you are not familiar with the structure of event planning, I am going to take you through the whole thing. The main part is to treat it seriously because you are the most important person you'll ever have to entertain.

Ideally, you will plan it at least a couple of days in advance. This way you will have enough time to get everything ready for the goddess party.

But even if you just woke up and decided that today is the day, don't worry and embrace your womanhood with whatever you have available.

Pick A Theme For Your Goddess Party

There are two reasons you should pick a theme for any party you ever plan. One: it makes a job so much easier, as you can just base all your decisions on the theme you've picked.

And two, it's just so much fun!

There are really no rules. You can choose anything from your favorite book or movie to a specific memory to a country you've never visited before.

You can even take the goddess part of the goddess party and make it a theme.

If you are having trouble deciding, list your top ten things that bring you joy in life. Then randomly select one and work from there.

Just keep in mind that this is your party and the only person you need to satisfy is yourself. It doesn't matter how it's going to look like for the rest of the world when you are the only one watching!

Now, as we have a theme to work with, let's set the mood with a one-of-a-kind playlist.

The Killer Playlist For Your Goddess Party

There are five general paths to take when it comes to any party soundtrack.

You can go with the theme and select the music accordingly. For example, if you are feeling like spending an evening in Paris, France without leaving your place, turn on some chanson.

Another solution is to go with the main idea of the event. Since a goddess party is thrown to embrace your femininity, girl power music is a great idea.

If you are planning a relaxing spa day, go with a more neutral soundtrack. The good thing about music for relaxation is that it usually lasts long enough. This means you won't have to get distracted.

Or get totally selfish and make a playlist of your favorite songs and tracks. The genre and lyrics don't really matter, as long as you truly enjoy them.

And finally, you can simply spend your goddess party in complete silence. Or play your favorite podcast, audiobook, or movie in the background. Once again, it is all about you today!

The best suggestion for the soundtrack is to choose a streaming service with no ads or just use jams from your collection. In case you are not subscribed to any music apps, the first month is usually for free, which is perfect for your party.

Now, let's make the party space look pretty!

Goddess Party Decorations

If you have a theme, decorating a party is simple. Just choose several objects or colors that you identify with the theme.

For the Paris example from earlier, you can choose to use the colors of the French flag: blue, white, and red. And maybe a few printouts of famous Parisian landmarks. Cartoon croissants and wine bottles will do as well.

The main idea is to make you feel special as you embrace your femininity. So, make it look pretty to you.

In case you don't want to invest too much into decorating your place for the self-isolation goddess party, use the materials you already have. Leftover wrapping paper and tissues are great for creating festive looking garlands and tassels.

Just use simple white paper to cut our flowers, snowflakes, or any other object that comes to mind. Or use things from your wardrobe, such as scarves, lingerie, and jewelry.

As you can see, there is no limit to how your party will be decorated. You can keep it very low-key or go all-in with making it look like a real party.

Next, you will need to decide what you will be doing on that special day of yours. If Oscars have an itinerary, why shouldn't your goddess party?

Goddess Party Activities

You read it right. Create an actual schedule. Make sure every minute is filled with an activity, even if it is just laying down and meditating for an hour.

When you have a plan to follow, you will both feel more occupied and more entertained.

The good thing is that you can choose your own level of joy and productivity.

Many advice for goddess parties includes avoiding chores. But if you genuinely like cleaning or folding laundry, go ahead and make it a part of your special day.

You can make the simple chores meaningful by combining them with meditation or rituals of decluttering. For example, when you go through a messy drawer, take a moment to touch and experience every object. Think of their value and thank them for their service to you before letting go if they are no longer useful.

Arts and crafts of any type are also perfect for a goddess party. Get creative and experiment with materials, structures, and your own emotions.

Take a large piece of paper or plain canvas and smear the paint over it with your hands. Or give a second life to an old clothing item. Did you know that washed-out band t-shirts, for example, make great racerback tank tops?

Keep your activities diverse and fun. Include some dancing, a few pampering procedures, a surprising makeover and don't forget to dress to the occasion!

Rituals To Embrace Your Femininity

Rituals are a separate activity kind. You can either research the topic and pick an existing goddess party ritual or create your very own from scratch.

Through performing a ritual, such as slowly going through old photos or writing in a journal, you get in touch with your inner self. Notice your thoughts and emotions. Embrace every moment.

If you are feeling spiritual, get some ideas from religious or soul healing rituals. The idea is to really feel yourself by doing something slightly extraordinary.

But if you are not into doing things with no visible meaning, don't worry. Cooking a complex meal, taking care of your plants or crystals, and re-organizing your space are also rituals.

Just make sure that you stay as relaxed and as focused as possible. Reflecting on your own emotions truly carries great recovery power.

Menu Ideas For The Goddess Party

Would you call yourself a foodie? Even if not, including several snacks or meals at your party, will do you good.

Try to embrace your femininity through detox or fill the table with your most favorite foods. Again, there are really no rules!

Take time and cook something you haven't had time for before. Mix an unusual drink. Or take advantage of local delivery services and order a whole day's worth of food.

If you are up for it, make it feel really fancy. Set up the table with your finest cutlery and dishes, decorate with napkins and flowers.

You can even write down a small menu to choose from. It might sound like a silly game, but hey — no one is looking, remember?

During your meal, watch a movie or simply gaze out of the window. Enjoy every bite and experience feeling grateful for the food in front of you.

Party snacks are also an option if you are not planning to sit down for meals. Fill a couple of bowls with flavored popcorn or arrange the sweets of your choice on a party tray.

Just make sure you are not overdoing it by stuffing yourself with junk and fast food. The real goal of the goddess party is to make you feel your best. So keep that in mind.

Last, but not least, how about we invite some friends over to this party?

Goddess Party Guests

Wait, what? We were talking about enjoying the time to yourself during the self-isolation, weren't we?

Well, yes, but if you have a need to share this day with someone dear to you: why not?

This won't mean breaking the quarantine rules and sneaking out to meet your friends. Just take advantage of what you have around.

If you are sharing the living space with a partner or a roommate, feel free to make them a part of the fun. This is definitely going to bring some color into your lives.

Kids can also benefit from this celebration and explore their feminine side, disregarding their gender. Just make sure that all the activities are age-appropriate, of course.

Also, we live in the era of advanced technology and this means we can use that. Set up a video conference with your girlfriends and tell them about your idea.

Invite them to virtually join you for a meal or a movie streaming. Share your ideas and welcome them to decorate their spaces and dress up just like you did or in their own way.

This way you will turn an ordinary girls' night out into a very special girls' night in. I'm sure your friends are going to love that idea.

And if you are not feeling like socializing in any form, find a way to have a designated space for your little party. It's perfectly ok to feel like being on your own once in a while and it is also one of the ways to embrace your femininity.

Enjoy The Party

You are now ready to enjoy your fully organized and thought-through goddess party! It is going to be a lot of fun, trust me.

And maybe you like it so much. It's going to become a tradition that you will carry along far beyond these challenging, self-isolating times.

Embrace being a woman and make it a solid reason for celebration! Because you deserve it.