God Will Send You The Right Person When The Time Is Right

God Will Send You The Right Person When The Time Is Right

You might be tired of craving for love. The saddest sight in the world is to see someone struggle for love. You have given your affection to all sorts of people who didn't deserve it. The mean ones, the indifferent ones, and even the toxic ones.

Love Is The Most Beautiful Feeling In The World

Unfortunately, your love hasn't been reciprocated. Don't let this lower your vibe. Never forget, God is always with you. He sees the hardships and sleepless nights you've had for love.

He sees everything, and He will surely reward you with what you deserve. All I am saying is, be strong till that day.

You Might Feel Like Giving Up

It is hard to look forward to better days when you are heartbroken. Don't lose hope just yet. God is making you go through tough experiences because He knows you are brave.

When you love others with all you have, and they don't return the same emotion, it is not unusual to feel broken. But remember, it takes strength to be kind no matter what the circumstances. Don't give up, God sees everything, and He shall reward you with blessings beyond imagination.

You Will Definitely Meet Your Soulmate

Your bad experiences might have convinced you that there is no place for love in the world. There will be times when you will feel shattered. You will regret loving the wrong people.

Trust me; when you go through such feelings of despair, those are the times you need to stay strong. God is only preparing you for the better times your destiny holds for you.

Whether you realize it or not, He is watching you at all times. And when the time is right, He will send that one person in your life.

You'll Brim With Gratitude When You Find The One

When you have 'The One,' you'll be thankful that it didn't work out with others. That is when you will see the bigger picture.

When God sends your soulmate into your life, that is when you will realize why you had to go through the hardships. You were only being prepared so you could realize the real value of your soulmate.

When you have him, your faith in God will be stronger than ever. That is when you'll experience the epiphany that God never left your side.

You have a lovely heart. Don't let it turn into a stone only because others were too naïve to realize your true worth. Have complete faith in God. He is always by your side taking care of you. There surely will come a day when He will bless you with the love you deserve. All I am saying is, be strong till the day comes!