God Will Never Let You Down, No Matter What

God Will Never Let You Down, No Matter What

There is something I have discovered. No matter who lets me down, God always lifts me up. Actually, to be honest, He does more than that. He more than makes up for the disappointments life throws my way.

God assures me of victory every time. Even when I seem to have lost by my own standards.

I've seen Him guide me from some people and direct me towards certain paths in life.

Many times I have felt overwhelmed and broken, incapable of rising again. But just when I had all but given up, a new door opens and my nightmare changes instantly into a beautiful reality.

I can feel His protection. That is why I am not scared of any battles in life, because He will fight them for me.

One thing I am sure is that as long as I put my faith in God, I will always have hope.

God is all-knowing, and we don't even come close. Even when facing unbelievable hardships, God knows that the outcome will be good for us.

That is why I will never let a bad day make me feel like my life has been a waste. I know there is a tomorrow, and that God knows what it will be like even though I might not.

Think about it. How many times have you found yourself at a point of desolation?

Countless, right?

Then what followed next? Better days, right?

That is how God works. He turns the tables. Hopeless situations become fantasies. He answers our prayers when we need Him the most.

So, as you go through hardships, don't focus on praying that God takes away the situation. Instead, ask Him for the strength and faith to get through it.

Don't start asking why. God does not answer questions, he answers prayers.

Ask for what you need, not the reason your life is as it is. Even if He reveals the reason for your pain and suffering, there isn't much you can do about it without His mercy and grace.

Also remember that God might answer your prayer, but not in the way you want.

You might pray for a well-paying job that helps you take better care of your family. But God will focus on ensuring that your family is taken care of, but through a means He deems suitable for you. He could give you a business, or give you the rare fortune of winning the lottery.

Who knows? God works in mysterious ways.

We pray for happy endings. I know I do. God can answer those prayers, but don't expect Him to work by your script. You might want a happy family at 30, but God finds it fitting to give it to you at 35. Such are His ways.

So, pray and believe, and He will never let you down.

He goes over and beyond because He knows exactly what you need and gives it to you with love.

God is awesome, and He has the final say on everything that happens to us. And since He cannot let us down, you can bet He will always come through for you. All you need to do is trust in Him.