God Will Get You Past The Hard Times, Just Have Faith

God Will Get You Past The Hard Times, Just Have Faith

If you are going through a tough time, my heart goes out to you. I know you are trusting God to get you through it and bring you success. On your own, you cannot make it, but with God, everything will be possible.

You Might Feel Lost Right Now, But God Will Give You The Answers You Seek

With your trust in God, you will have faith and patience in what you want. I can tell you for free that it won't be easy.


Keeping your faith will be a struggle, especially when the enemy can attack you from any side. Sometimes the battle you are fighting is against those you love. With everyone else, you can just walk away.

Sometimes, your spirits are high. You can see everything clearly and know what to do. That's because God is giving you strength, peace, love, and joy.

But on other days, you are down in the dumps. You don't know which way to go, and everything seems frustrating and disorientating.


You are overcome by feelings of emptiness and weakness, and you cannot get rid of the anger and sadness that has crept up on you.

Sometimes It Feels Like You Are Fighting Against Yourself

At these times, be very careful because someone is coming after your soul. Someone wants to see you in pain, and that is why they want your life to be full of pain and confusion.


But God wants the best for you, and that's all the assurance you need. He made you for a purpose, and He will make sure it will be fulfilled.

The power your enemy has over you is the confidence you give him to attack you. So, give your enemy no basis to overcome you.

Stand firm in your faith. Protect yourself using all that God has given you. Faith will be your shield, and as long as you use it, nothing will overwhelm you.


But At All Times, Remember That This Is Not Your Battle But The Lord's

I know how real depression and anxiety are. Unfortunately, some people do not understand this is what they are going through.

So, be on the safe side, be among positive people, and surround yourself with positive energy. In this position, you will always have God to look up to.


You Can Speak Life To Your Hopeless Situation

You can prophesy to your situation. God is always with you and He will bring the good things intended for your life to pass.

You only need to be faithful in prayer.

I've been through it all. There were times I did not see a way out. My hope was almost gone, but my faith in God got me through it.


God told me to be still and have faith, and He fought all my battles.

When You Can't See A Way, God Will Make One Just For You

When your strength is gone, He will be your source of strength.

There are times we cannot see a way out of the situations we face, and we know we can't go back. At these times, the best option is to look up to God.


He always has an answer to our greatest problems. You just have to call unto Him and you will get the answer you seek. But do it with faith.