God Is Never Late – He Is Always On Time

God Is Never Late – He Is Always On Time

Have you ever prayed for something you believed you desperately needed, asking God fervently and persistently to grant your request, only to get an unexpected response or none at all?
I have been there for the first few hours. After I got an unexpected and less preferred answer to my request, I felt terrible. I wondered, "didn't I ask you repeatedly? Didn't I plead sincerely? But afterward, I came to realize what I had always known but needed to remind myself at that time – God is always right. If He gave me a different response, it was what I needed at the moment.

Imagine this scenario. You are a mother or father and your son of 8 years old requests that you buy him a sports car he saw on TV or the internet. He was obsessed with it. The car was fast and sleek. He just loved it! As much as you would want to please your baby, you know as a parent that he doesn't need that at the moment. First, he was too young. Second, he didn't know how to drive. The car would be of no benefit to him at the moment.

The same could be applied to our God and us. We might feel we needed what we asked for but he knows more than we do what we need and when we need it. As such, He gives us an answer in his own right time which you would eventually realize was the best time it could have ever occurred.
Sometimes, a request denied is a blessing in disguise, an opportunity for you to grow, to be better, to develop certain attributes that will help you handle and appreciate the answer to your request when it finally comes.

What if your request is denied?

It could be that God has something much better for you in-store. If only you can wait patiently to see him surprise you in the most unexpected way.

Never late

Never make the mistake of thinking that God is delaying. What is a delay to you is patience on His part; patiently waiting to bless you more than superabundantly if only you could show a waiting attitude.

God is always on time. His time is the right time, not yours. So, the next time you make a request, ask him to answer in his due time and according to His will, not yours. Then, wait patiently to see how he responds.

Perceive His Response

Sometimes his response may not be as evident as you expected. As such, you need to be able to perceive his response. Look for the collateral beauty. Once you have perceived his response or what he gave in place of what you expected, you will have no choice but to marvel at the kind of God he is. A God who never disappoints, one who loves loyally and never withholds anything good from those who love him.