God, I'll Try To Love You More This Year

God, I’ll Try To Love You More This Year

My God, may your love be written all over me this year. I want it on every aspect of my being for all to see. I wish that my love for you will come from deep within my soul and permeate every part of my being.

I Know How Much I Need You In My Life

Today, I realize how much you have helped me get through all the struggles in my life. I know there are times I have been far away from your love. The guilt is soul-crashing, and I can't help but think of all the ways I have let you down.

On More Than One Occasion I Have Chosen The World Over You

I tried to handle things on my own. But all I did was make a mess of things. I brought chaos and destruction upon myself.

Deep inside, I became fearful, although I put on a brave face.

But while everyone was fooled, you knew the anguish I was going through. I was crying to you on the inside. The guilt of ever turning away from you was overwhelming.

I Was No Longer Your Child, Not By My Actions

But still, you still watched out for me. You took away my shame and sorrow and refreshed my heart with purity and crowned me with honor.

You held out your arms out wide and reminded me I am your child and always welcome to run to you. Like it was before, I was still yours.

You Gave Me A Chance To Start All Over Again

My faith in you was strengthened by your love. I started all over again. That is why my desire this year is to love you more.

In the midst of all my hopes and dreams for this year, my greatest trust is in you, my Lord.

Throughout the year, I want nothing but to speak of your love and tell of your salvation.

I hope to seek after you every day and understand whatever is going on in my heart. You will be first, and everyone else will follow. I sincerely hope that this is the way things will turn out this time.

Greater love has not one greater than this that you would go to such great lengths to give me your salvation. Your love and compassion were far greater than my sin.

I pray that this love burns in my heart all my life. Let it take away the hate and the resentment in me. Let me love you with all I have.

Even When I Am Broken, Let Me Turn To You And Your Redemption

You are love itself, and I want to be bound to you forever. You loved me when I was most unlovable, and so the least I can do is love you with everything I have.