God, I Pray You Strengthen Me So I Can Keep Going On Days That Overwhelm Me

God, I Pray You Strengthen Me So I Can Keep Going On Days That Overwhelm Me

Have you ever felt like you are constantly a step away from fainting with exhaustion? This has been the reality of my life for longer than I can imagine.

I have been barely pushing through.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Seems To Move Further And Further Away.

The strength to get to a point where I can finally catch a breath has all but ran out.

I Have Come As Far As I Could.

I have no reason to believe I will make it to the top of this difficult mountain of hardships I am climbing.

Every time I have won and expected respite, I have come face to face with a harder challenge.

God Chooses His Strongest To Fight The Toughest Battles

If that's the case, then I am many times stronger than I feel. I am worn out and feel like I am just about to drop from destruction.

And so God, I'm not asking you to take away my trials. I am sure they mold me into a stronger person, and they make me better prepared for more difficult challenges that might follow.

All I pray is that you give me the strength to complete this journey. On my own, I cannot go any further. I couldn't even have made it this far.

I am depending entirely on you. I am weak and spent, but you are strong and full of endless power.

In my eyes, there is no hope before me. But through my faith in you, I know there is a good ending to all this struggle.

Give Me The Strength To Keep Fighting Until I Behold The Challenge That Awaits Me

I am confused as I cannot figure out what's going on around me. I feel so helpless, and I am so lost. I'm surrounded by nothing but traps, and you have to hold me in your arms so I don't turn into prey.

On the days when I feel that I cannot go on anymore, God give me strength.

I know you listen, which is why I continually call upon your name. I understand that you would never let me go through this without a beautiful purpose for my life at the end of it all.

You know the storms I face, and in your faithfulness, you will not let them overcome and destroy me.

Protect Me And Still My Troubled Heart

My trust is in you, God, for you are my strength. All I have is you, and you will continue to supply my needs from your glorious riches.

I stand in your strength, and I know I have made it this far because you stood by my side, fighting for me and making me an overcomer. All I had to do was trust in you.

So God, help me to keep going. I need the strength to hold on until I get where you want me to be.